Soviet Power Supreme!

So what is this thing all about?
My answer is pretty simple - hurt hellspawn with most overpowered and ludicrous arsenal in history, such as gattling rocket launchers, tank cannons, anti-tank HE shotguns, medieval maces, portable laser cannons, slamming ammo packs in monsters face, fists made of shovels, gesture-coming-true device (TM) (aka. shooting fists), super-compressed gas eruption device, jumping sticky bombs, inconspicuous superpowered revolvers, huge nuclear-powered energy cannons, gattling gauss cannons and of course - nukes (sometimes in moments you would rather not expect a one, heheh).
This mod is slaughterish enough to be compared with serious sam, monsters are mowed down in hundreds, so you surely will enjoy it if you feel going nuts after day of work and want to stress out.

There's... uh, pretty much weapons up here. Won't it be complicating to fight with such amount of weapons?
Indeed, there's more than plentiful of them. So far I've got pretty much three different gun sets. I am working now on the class-oriented version, where they are separated, buuuut I'm not sure if my patience will let me to finish that.

But... what if somebody wants to play this thing without hundreds of monsters? For instance, stock doom 2 maps or something?
Of course, somebody may ask - is killing 500+ cyberdemons with one damn shot isn't WAY too ovepowered? And I'll say: "Yes, yes it is!"
To counter that, I've cooked some custom difficulties. Everyone is gonna find something suitable for his taste, at least I hope it will. (If somebody want's to play hardcore, here you go - most monsters get quite "healthy". Or go for totally wrong side - total insanity with trigger-happiness, each ammo pickup giving you full ammo and being invicible all the time? As you know crowd, Communism is a powerful force!

This sounds really cool... but what about for rest of stuff, is it gonna have any maps, monsters or items designed specially for it?
Uh, mapping isn't my strong side, actually. If somebody would decide to make slaughterfest maps for it - be my guest. About monsters... I could make some, but I think they would be pretty boring and unsatisfying. Items? Well, how about quick-launch nuclear missile? (As I said, you can encounter very much nukes in this mod. Never enough nukes for me!) Or missile pod that spews out deadly, fast, homing missiles at ludicrous amounts? Or sphere which turns you into overloaded with powerups, extremely screamy deathbringer with metal playing in background? Or perhaps you would like to turn yourself into almighty pitchfork deity, with a little lack of sanity?

Is this mod making any sense!? I mean, Where's the balance? such overpower can kill the gameplay!
...Or make from it an unforgettable experience. Well, it depends on taste. If somebody wants something challenging... well, he would be surely dissapointed. But if somebody looks for some mindless destruction... I guarantee full satisfaction. :wink:

Allright, I suppose it's pretty fun... but why it isn't working? Some weird message is appearing.
The solutions are:
- Propably you are putting wrong load order. Always load the core file first, then rest of things.
- You are using latest version of gzdoom, but the mod uses beta gzdoom features. Grab the SVN here.

Works with Heretic Doom and Doom II.

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