SINGLE PLAYER MOD FOR Warband 1.153 (Will not work on older versions of warband)

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We should have introduce this mod 2 years ago but I didn't. Mod was known as DW/ROTK 2 years ago, 1 year ago it was called Storm of the Three Kingdoms (风云三国). It's a real shame that we have not introduce this mod in moddb back then, so I will do it now.

Nowadays people know about the Japanese's history more than the Chinese. Are you tired of playing Samurais and Ninjas? Well this is the mod for you, you will be able to notice the difference between Japanese and Chinese and will find out that they are not the same

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Remember, this is a beta, please don't expect everything to be perfect

These are the all fraction:

1) Kingdom of Wei
2) Kingdom of Shu ,
3) Kingdom of Wu ,
4) Kingdom of Hebei ,
5) Kingdom of Nanman (Added to Shu)
6)Kingdom of Xiliang ,
7) Kingdom of Gongsun (Minor Faction)
8) Kingdom of Jingxiang
9) Kingdom of the Japanese Empire (Appear later)
10) The Evil Lu Bu’s Armies (Quest appear later version)
11) Mongols (Minor faction, do not appear randomly)
14) The Yellow Turbans (Minor faction)


1. Marvelous scenaries and models that are designed {according to}/{to reflect the} Chinese culture and geography at the Era of the Three Kingdoms.

2. All new world map, built strictly according to the history, simulating that marvelous era.

3. Uniquely created way point system for sieges and battles, in which the sieges/battles will progress according to the way point, widen the battlefield for castle/town siege, significantly improved AI for siege, players will not see NPC AI's swarming the castle/city wall un-guidedly.

4. Influence System included, which will affect the player's rank in faction, recruitment of high-tier soldiers, as well as NPC Heroes.

5. The "barbarians" in history will wear their traditional racial costumes. The "Army with Yellow Headband" will also play their roles in this mod, wearing their unique costumes/armors.

6. The four famous major battles that shapes the Era of the Three Kingdom will be included, and triggered at pre-determined time.

7. Chinese-style weapons, armors and horses. Regrettably, there's no Couched Lance technique back in the era, and thus all polearms will be made either 1handed or 2handed weapons, this is a sad news to those players who heavily rely on Couched Lance technique.

8. 50 famous characters in history of the era will be recruitable NPCs, as long as you have enough Influence point. They will return to their original city/castle upon disbanding, unlike the heroes NPCs in TLD.

9. Included some very famous weapons/armors/horses appeared in the era, these items are the ultimate items of their kinds. You need to keep on challenging in the game in order to get them.

Sea battles , also npcs and lords will use their ship to travel and attack some castles.

You can drown in the water

Wu archer can fire Fire arrows.

New quests (get these quest from the Earthly Paradise

You can donate in the town ( can increase town relationship)

Has child in the game

Lot of new npcs (some of them can join you by completing the quest , if you fail the quest they never join you again)

You can increase your party morale by talking the Inn keeper in the garden

You can sell prisoners to Ramun the slave trader in the garden (I added him , so bug fixed)

You can improve your relationship with lord by buying gift to them in garden by talking to inn keeper.

And Much More!!

More will be added in future (This is just a beta so far)

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