Here my(MaVmAn/MaVrOs) last project, develloped in collaboration with my sweetEveFeve during near to 3 months(freetime of course). This is a mod with no realy gameplay, it's more a virtual representation of the visual and imaginary universe of my girlfriend. Thus it's a simple room you can enjoy by visiting. The goal is to feel this universe, through graphic and sound atmospher taking again the artistic style of Eve. Although this project is the result of the pooling of our ideas and competences, I did mainly technical part (mapping, modeling, scripting…), while Eve concentrated on the design of space, objects and the creation of textures. To precisely note an interesting process in making of textures, with a kind of ping pong between paper and screen: the objects, modelled according to concept-arts, were unwarped, and the image of the UVWunwarp printed to be used as a basis for the drawing of texture, by hand thus. Then the drawings were scanned, Photoshoped before being...

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Roomette install

Roomette install

Jul 8, 2007 Full Version (60.63mb) 0 comments

Roomette install, nothing more usefull to say. Ho yes, I heard some people have a little bug after the intro cutscene: a black screen, just reload the...

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