The Romans have come seeking new lands, and have completely taken over the Swadians. And the Gauls, having lost all their lands to the Romans, came and took over the Nords. Now the Rhodoks, Veagirs, Khergits and Sarranids realize that the Romans and Gauls pose a threat to their kingdoms. You arrive in Caladria, with a huge war goes on.

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turn the Rhdocks into greeks and the other factions into other enemies of rome and the rating will be ten :)


If you create Carthagine,Huns and Greek City States this will be great

Nice game! :)

NEW MOD, eh?


best roman mod

Great mod! Love it! Just having trouble joining the roman army...



Its Only Little,Adding Romans And Gauls As Factions.
But Adds New Weapons And Armor.
I'd Give Its...
Add A Bit More Stuff,And This Could Be A AWSOME Mod.
Ideas: German Barbarians( No Offence To Germany), New Siege Weapons (Ballista, Catapult ETC).

hey guys ironaxe review here got to say one of my favourite mods of all time for the game mount and blade:Warband love the way the romans look love the armor just watch out for the germans

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