"Numbness and rage. Fright and anger. I open my eyes. Oh, well. My cell is pitch dark anyhow. "Block E1". I heard their inhuman voices. Lying on this cold metal bed, I stretch my arms along my sides. This must be the right posture to fit in a pod. I do not tolerate the idea of not being ready. Yes, but ready for what? No, I won't give way to grief. A squeaky sound... No, no way. It can't be true. The door opens, light replaces darkness. I will ask for a reason later. Now I have a choice to take. An easy one. I will run the hell out of here, whatever it takes. It's time to get a little revenge. It's time to start my own riot act."

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A nice blast from the past and an excellent mod overal.

The level design is articulately detailed yet isn't very diverse considering the location in Nova Prospekt.

That aside, the pacing is well done and the combat is tight and fun, not to mention it is interesting playing as a woman in an FPS for a change :)

Give it a go, it'll be sure to lighten up any dreary afternoon.


A really good mod to play. 7//10

Some parts were hard, especially becuase I always get lost in Nova Prospekt, but it was still fun nevertheless. It is also sometimes nice to see the world from another person's perspective.


Just another generic HL2. Nothing to complain besides a few missing animations in NPCs and the fact that i heard "here gemey Ammo!!" about a thousand times in the 10 minutes i played this mod.


Zetlian says

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This mod is exellent. enough said.

i will go into detail into exactly why it is shortly,
but the best thing about this mod is its level design. i could hardly see the difference from this and real Valve maps.

Just download this. it got featured on steam. considering that tf2 AND THE SOURCE ENGINE is F R E E , you just have to download this. do your hard drive a service. the ending is especially good, with the walkways and lifts and the boat at the end as well as the funny easter edd.

In conclusion,
Here, jamil! Ammo!


Excellent game! Just finished playing it through for the 2nd time. 1st time was a while ago, and I didn't even remember a lot of it; didn't even remember that I'd finished it before until I saw the the view from the bridge and the -- well, I won't spoil it. Some of the sequences are brutal! Spent waaay too long on the courtyard battle where the goons just keep coming, until I figured out what you had to do. Somebody else griped about needing "only" the RPG to take down gunships and striders; but that's what you do in the original game too. What's the problem?

Overall, great game. Very nice tie-in to the original. Lots of action, and you get antlions! (Man, those things still give me the creeps, even if they are friends now!)

A couple very minor criticisms: as someone else noted, "Here,Jameel,ammo!" gets a bit annoying, because it's so constant. I would have liked to hear the medic say, "Hey, that looks bad," or "Here, put this on it," or something. Also, your squad are idiots! Shouldn't these guys know by now, you can't stand RIGHT IN FRONT of a turret and shoot at it??? Your name, Jameel. Jameel? With that pale skin? Didn't understand that at all. Agree that a few more pure puzzle challenges would have been good. Finally, although it's handy for the gameplay, why do I have a hazard suit on? A flashlight is necessary for some sequences I think; could that be set up as a feature without the rest of the suit - like finding a flashlight on a table activates that suit function without the rest?

Save at the very end, and check out the poster on the ledge. Just be aware there's no way off it (that I found, anyway.)

Bottom line: Riot Act. Play it. One of the best mods there is. Really.

This mod kicked off my ever-growing collection of Half-Life 2 mods. It has exactly what I look for - a single player game set in the HL2 universe, Combine to kill, and puzzles to solve. The creation team did an excellent job with everything. I expecially like the flashback scene at the intro. Although some parts were challenging, and the second level was extremely long, I thoroughly enjoyed playing this mod and hope to see other creations by MrTambourineMan in the future.


This mod is really good, but I do have a couple issues. First off, For something called Riot Act, it doesn't feel all that rebellious. second, the guy constantly giving you ammo may be helpful, but gets annoying real fast.


A single player Source mod takes lots of detail, a good storyline and lots of action. Riot Act has much of that. Set in a Combine prison, this Half Life 2 mod is sure to please it's players with plenty of action between Combine troops and Antlions. The Source 2006 engine features may be a bit primitive but Riot Act makes the best of this old engine.

The plot is a bit bare however. The only really good parts of the plot were at the beginning of the game with the great intro sequence and the character's discovery of a fellow prisoner who is really the only talking character besides a few minor characters. The mod also minorly lacks puzzles. The barrel puzzle in the middle of the game was barely challenging but tested your timing, logic and crouch jumping skills.

The game's bosses are a good way to test you. in the boss battles with the Gunship and Strider only require 1 weapon, which is the RPG. Besides these minor flaws, the game is a great Source mod and I think you should play it at least once.


Satiam says

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Nice mod. Took me approx. 1,5 hours to play through. I can recommend it.

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