Brief description :
Revenge of Love is a Half-Life 1 total conversion, it combines action fighting scenes with puzzles and features a story like some typical films and Max Payne series. Revenge of Love is an attempt to mix what players liked in earlier FPS games with other good stuff from modern FPS.
You will play as Jack, a not typical french student but intelligent, his passion for heavy metal, violent video games make him someone excluded from society, he is rejected by his classmates, even school personnel and parents don't take care of him. However, there is only person, who was with him since he was 6 years old, his only friend : Nina. She was the only one that take care of Jack whatever is happening, she was his bodyguard, savior, sister... One day at school, Jack tell Nina that he loves her since the beginning, a couple was born and love was there. But, not too long, another day, unidentified people decided to kill everyone in the highschool where Jack and Nina studies. What is going to happen next ? You will see when playing the mod once it will be released !
Features :

  • Engine improvements : Thanks to the features from others Half-Life 1 mods such as ARRANGEMENT and PARANOIA, the Gold Source engine has been heavily improved.
  • Highly detailed maps : Maps will be highly detailed with high definition textures, models, ambient sounds.
  • Intense action fighting & puzzles : Puzzles to solve and intense action fighting scenes will keep you busy for a while.
  • Dynamic MP3 system : The music changes to suit the situation (intense music when fighting, calm music when exploring).
  • Player skill friendly : New player ? Don't worry ! Our "Easy" difficulty will help you during your adventure. Skilled player ? The "Hard" difficulty will challenge you, or for players that think they are killing machines, may the extreme "Nightmare!" difficulty give your chance to test if you are really a killing machine (or not).
  • Old school weapons : Revenge of Love features 8 weapons that act like most of old FPS games with details from modern FPS games...
  • Cutscenes : In-game cutscenes are used to tell the story or warn you of a danger.
  • Secret Areas : Secret areas are hidden zones that need exploration to discover and sometimes finding a way to get in those areas, they reward the player with extra items, weapons, ammo for exploring the map.
  • "Rainbows" : "Rainbows" is the name given to the fake operative system used in computers in ARRANGEMENT, Revenge of Love will use this fake OS (or a variant) as a way to tell story or vital information for your progress (like a code).
  • Improved Artificial Intelligence : ARRANGEMENT's enhanced AI will give you though fights to encounter. Too easy for you ? The game will change that to get it a little harder. Too hard ? The game will assist you.
  • Other game modes : Finished the game ? There are other game modes that awaits you !
  • Computer friendly : You don't need to run The Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight, Battlefield Hardline or Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare in the highest possible details of graphics to play smoothly Revenge of Love.
  • Others un-announced features...

MOD STATUS => In development

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Hello ModDB!

It's been a long time without news about Revenge of Love and I'm sorry about it, working on ARRANGEMENT (Revenge of Love's base) and some real life stuff has taken over. So without further addition, let's go for the news!

I'm no longer using Xash3D

Sad news first, I'm no longer using Xash3D for Revenge of Love, while it was great to work with it, I prefer to stick with the traditional Gold Source engine. This means that Revenge of Love will no longer be a standalone game, you will have to use Steam Half-Life (and nothing else) to play Revenge of Love once it will be released.

Going multiplayer

The latest video with the damage powerup teased that thing already, Revenge of Love is going to be both singleplayer and multiplayer.

The first modification done to multiplayer is the team system. As you may already know, Half-Life's team system is based on players skins, the server defines the "mp_teamlist" CVAR (Console VARiable) something like this: "hgrunt;scientist". This means that there will be a team of Scientists VS a team of Military Grunts. I changed it to have a 2 teams only system which is "Blue VS Red" like Team Fortress (or "Counter-Terrorists VS Terrorists" like Counter-Strike if you prefer). While the core of this system is in place, some tweaks and an user interface still has to be done to be completed.

Another modification is the addition of a new game mode, the very known popular "Capture The Flag". A quick and dirty working prototype has been made and early tests showed it works like a charm, it just need polishing, bug fixes to be completed.

If you have suggestions for interesting mutliplayer game modes, feel free to share them in the comments.

Redesigning the weapons

Originally, between 15 and 20 weapons were planned to be used within the game. After some testing, I found out that it was quite too much. Basiclly, you had a weapon from a specific category (a H&K MP5A4 sub machine gun for instance) and you had a "super" counterpart (a FN P90 for instance) like Quake (the Nailgun and the Super Nailgun to compare).

From now on, there will be 8 weapons and 2 singleplayer items. You may find that's a huge decrease in the number of weapons available in the game but considering the fact that all weapons have a primary and a secondary attack, I think it's enough.

Here is the old and new weapons sets for comparison, any weapon who don't have a replacement (-->) means that it will be removed:

  • Switchblade --> Butterfly
  • Glock 17 (9mm) --> SIG Sauer SP2022 (9mm)
  • Colt Anaconda Python (357)
  • H&K MP5A4 (9mm)
  • FN P90 (5.57)
  • FABARM (12 Gauge) --> Mossberg 590 (12 Gauge)
  • Double Barreled Shotgun (12 Gauge)
  • FAMAS G2 (5.56) --> FAMAS G2 (5.56)
  • H&K G36K (7.62)
  • H&K 21E (7.62) --> H&K 21E (7.62)
  • Vulaan M61A2 (20mm)
  • Mk 14 EBR (7.62)
  • L96A2 (7.62) --> L96A2 (7.62)
  • HE Grenade --> M68 Grenade
  • Remotely detonated C4
  • RPG-7 --> RPG-7

And that concludes this short news, like always, feel free to comment, suggest new cool stuff, track the mod or whatever.

Have a nice day (or night) ^^

Development Progress #4

Development Progress #4

News 0 comments

Making more little progress since development report #3, preparing something to showcase later.

Development Progress #3

Development Progress #3

News 2 comments

After a year of silence, we're back ! Starting from scratch and working hard on it.

Development Progress #2

Development Progress #2

News 0 comments

It's been a while since the last news, but nice stuff ahead !

Development Progress #1

Development Progress #1

News 0 comments

First news of the mod and first development report.

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"But, not too long, another day, unidentified people decided to kill everyone in the highschool where Jack and Nina studies." Is this a refrence to the Columbine High School Massacre? Also, i'm going to track this mod.

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shepard62fr Creator

- For the reference, yes and no.
- It's hard to mix "violence" with "school" without the gun at your face telling you to censor or remove, especially with Revenge of Love's direction.
- Revenge of Love's introduction had to be rewritten because of that.
- Similar events like "Charlie Hebdo" in Paris, January 2015 and another one a long time ago in France are also references.
- We pay a tribute to the victims of those terrible moments in the game's credits.

Long detailed version
Yes, but it's not a 100% reference to it because of some factors that I can't explain without spoiling the mod's story.

The biggest difficulty that I must face (and same goes for any developer who wish to help me on this project) is if I make anything school related, be aware that I don't have a gun at my face telling me to either censor it or remove it.

According to "Columbine High School Massacre" Wikipedia page, the 2 students who commited the massacre were huge fans of "violent/mature" FPS games like Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem. And because I draw some inspirations from those kind of games for Revenge of Love, I have to be very aware of what goes inside the game (for the Brutal Doom's "**** YOURSELF" taunt in the latest video, I hesitated a long time before implementing it).

To go in-depth, the very first introduction of the game was the fact that Jack was seeking missing evidence left by the police in it's highschool. I released a screenshot of the concerned map here: The huge problem is when I started to add blood to walls, floors, doors... I could already sense the gun at my face telling me to remove everything. So this is why the story (especially the beginning) had to be rewritten and the introduction completely remade. The map from the screenshot I posted earlier may be kept for some "flashback" scenes or just be removed.

The recently (January 2015) "Charlie Hebdo" event in Paris also provoked some inspiration for Revenge of Love. And I remember that in a long time ago in France (can't remember all the details), a similar "Columbine High School Massacre" event occured but it was an elementary school (around 6-10 years old) where a teacher sacrificed herself to save 20 childrens against an evil man.

Furthermore, in the game credits, there are tributes to victims of those terrible moments.

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Oh, ok. I wish i could help but I have no knowledge.

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Guess I'll track this mod. Wish you luck, developers.

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shepard62fr Creator

Quick news guys : I am preparing something to showcase in the next few weeks, I have been busy with ARRANGEMENT but I haven't forgotten about Revenge of Love ^_^

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Only 1 Question, will it work with CD-Retail Half-Life ?, Like EarthSpecialForces is still WON Compatible ?

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shepard62fr Creator

Since we're using the latest Half-Life source code that was released after SteamPipe and the Linux update, no. Only HL Steam is supported.

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The story is amazing. Can't wait for this game (or mod) to come out. I think you'll get alot of fans with this game (or mod). Oh i'm already a fan of yours :P

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shepard62fr Creator

Thanks, gonna post some news soon !

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sounds like its gonna b a great mod looking forward 2 it!

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Aug 30 2012

Creating the first map of the mod

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