-=Download=- Playing Files: Data Files: LOD Part 1: LOD Part 2: -=Video=- (Fr. September, showing Reich Parkeep) Streaming from Gamespot: Streaming from Youtube: Download from PlanetES: -=Screenshot Gallery=- ¤~::What is Silgrad Tower?::~¤ The goal is to create a region of the Morrowind Province's mainland on the opposite side of Vvardenfell's western coast, stretching in latitude as far north as Ald'Ruhn and as far south as Hla Oad. To get a better sense of where our region is situated you might want to take a look at Bethesda's old concept map for Morrowind ( ); notice the two cities 'Soluthis' and 'Silgrad Tower' in the northwest? Our mod takes place roughly between those two cities (while at the same time adding in new cities and settlements). The layout of Morrowind changed quite a bit between that concept map and the real game, and our landmass follows the latest official map more closely. Three major cities are situated in the region we're...

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Mar 31st, 2010

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