Red mesa is a crysis singleplayer level inspired by Half-Life, the award-winning game from Valve. Mod created by: Florry

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Sorry, but opening doors in this mod is a nightmare, so only 5/10.

This was more fun then I thought it would be, even though I didn't understand why there were infected zombies in the abandoned portions of the facility. I especially loved the level design in the cliffs.

Some of the fights were intense but fighting the zombies was way too hard when they ganged up on you, they literally sucked your health down like vampires.

Many portions of the mod were also infuriating, usually brought on by the non-regenerative suit power.
I appreciated the fact that you had to pick up batteries to use your suit, but you could have toned down the amount of power the suit sucked up.

This aside, I hope to see Red Mesa 2!


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obviously havent tested, buggy gameplay...but seen worse


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This mod is not polished at all, feels unfinished and has playability issues and bugs. I stopped playing after crawling in the vents and arriving into a room where all door offered an option to "use" but nothing happened. I broke the glass by throwing objects into it, but was unable to crawl through (possibly there was invisible block).
The idea about depleting suit energy and not self-regenerating, was not good either. I ended up on the bottom of elevator shaft and had to reload.
And what was the "shadow" meant to do apart of killing me?
Now I also realized I cannot invoke the uninstaller, it says "you don't have sufficient access, contact your administrator".
Do yourself a favor and don't download this mod.


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