Red alert: For Honor is a total conversion for C&C Red alert. Command the Americans, Germans, Japanese, British and Filipinos. It not only replaces the graphics and units, it also changes the strategy up to. a group of infantry dont stand a chance against tanks, but if they are armed with anti-armor, the tank doesn't turn that fast, and can be eliminated with ease. Some of the units include Rifle Infantry, Bazooka Infantry, M1A2 Sherman, M26 Perishing and P-51 Mustang, just for the Allied side! While the germans have Panzer, Tiger and Jagdpanther tanks. Combining these units with others can be very destructive, as with the Blitzkrieg strategy, which involves tanks and infantry backed by fighters. The all new superweapons are awe inspiring. There is the Atom Bomb, which can destroys pretty much anything, the V2 Missile, which attacks with terror. there are also new superunits, such as the V1 Rocket Launcher, which throws powerful rockets across the field, and the Prototype...

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Feb 11th, 2010
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Fight for your family for your country, for honor! I finally got around to it, posting this mod. I have been (more-or-less) busy. The only elements missing from this release is the missions for the Allies and Nazi Germany (Altough there is a single Normandy mission for Allies). Skirmish against the Computer is a blast, try out my Black Forest skirmish map already included! Unit in-game graphics are not the best, but everything is functioning. The bugs should be limited, make sure to tell me if there are any bugs, missing sounds, icons, or unit graphics. Sorry it took so long, but I hope you like it!

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Red Alert: For Honor (Skirmish only Beta)
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Soul-Guardian Feb 12 2010 says:

I just tested this, and I found so many mistakes that isn't even funny.
Ok, so first of all, you only have three colours, you have red twice, and white like five times.

Then I noticed a lot of spelling mistakes, like Barbed wire, should be Barbed, not Barb, you missed "ed".

The units are just wrong altogether, the little PC truck has far too much health.
Three medium tanks could not destroy it.
... and an APC that fires missiles?
C'mon man, what's up with that?

Pretty much same as Units, a Power Plant should be huge, and you made the little shed into a Power Plant? Ooooooooooook!

You named the Refinery as Command Post... so the Command Post looks like a museum, and it's being used to gather resources.
Erm... NO, NO, and Hell NO!

Look, I have tried hard to find something good about this mod, but I can't.
This is just all wrong!
I know it's just a beta, and that's the reason I took time to tell you all this, so you can change it.
When you said everything looks diferent, I thought you meant you have made New units, but you just recycled them.
Back to the drawing board for you.

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Soul-Guardian Feb 13 2010 replied:

By the way, I know the criticism may seem a little harsh, but keep making it.
It's nice to see people still making mods for classics...

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comrade_general Author
comrade_general Feb 28 2010 replied:

I think you may have installed the game incorrectly, check the documents. There is no APC that fires missles ingame, and the Halftrack should only be able to take a few rounds, I modified the damage on all weapons to be higher. I will also see if again if there was something wrong with the uploaded files. Thanks for the input, i'll do my best.

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comrade_general Author
comrade_general Feb 28 2010 replied:

Aswell, if you read the documents, i've implimented a new color pallete. The RA engine won't allow me to change the color tabs at the skirmish screen, but each of the colors a very different in game. It's not called a command post ingame, it's a Supply Post. I couldn't get a different cameo for the building. The Generator Shed, I felt, was a cool idea. A field base should have small buildings to supply power to barracks and such. The coal power plant is expensive but supplies alot of power. If you mean new units as in graphics, some units are kept because they look pretty much the same as WW2 tanks. But didn't you see the Tiger and the Panzer? Or the Outpost? Also, making SHP graphics is quite hard, and I haven't learned to do it yet.

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Soul-Guardian Mar 8 2010 replied:

ok, I'll download it again and give it a proper test... keep making this mod.

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Warren112 May 17 2010 says:

Great Job Except this Crashes every time i start a skirmish every 10 mins in any ideas thanks

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ploder Oct 23 2010 says:

I thought this was a stand-alone mod. I downloaded it only to find that you need RA installed first. I didn't see anything that tells you this before you download (would have been helpful)

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comrade_general Author
comrade_general Nov 29 2010 says:

I never said this was a standalone mod, where did you get that idea? You are on *mod* database. Of course you need RA to run a mod based on it.

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ttttttttt Mar 23 2011 says:

how do you activate this? i get a bunch of files and no readmes on how to apply the mod to the game.

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