This mod will allow you to play with 1 of the 9 realms(nord cosmology), King arthur myth(king arthur, pics and saksons) and with some fantasy realms.

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Anywhere [OLD] Coders/scripters indie game at Eclipse Gaming

coders/scripters indie game eclipse gaming anywhere programmers hi, eclipse gaming is in search for coders/scripters that we need for an indie game. the game is an strategy game that takes place in the near future. it also has some fatasy in it. we need coder/modelers that off course can make codes for the game.

Anywhere [OLD] Modelers for mod (medieval : total war 2) at Eclipse Gaming

modelers for mod (medieval : total war 2) eclipse gaming anywhere artists hi interested people, eclipse gaming is in search for modellerswho are able to create relative good models for a mod for medieval 2: total war. you must be able to create models like units,mounts,characters,weapons,etc. this job is an non-paid job, so you will not get money. if there are any more questions, then just pm me or just do like it says in 'how to apply' greets, gerrit

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Eclipse Gaming
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