All maps from this modification have a very similar kind of feel of atmosphere and gameplay from the original Ravenholm, but with an different and expanded story, and many new locations.

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That ****?


No way to start it


medve says

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not that bad

Though it has been years since I played this, I enjoyed every minute of it. I was just telling a friend about it and came to the page and saw I never reviewed it.

I love the darkness from the fog. The sneaky headcrabs and fast zombies made me jump constantly & I loved it!

I think it's time to fire it up and play it again.


A great mod. I liked the new zombie trap ideas.

I was surprised at how hard it was even on easy. I think there may have been over a thousand zombies in the game, not even kidding, and it was longer in length than I thought. Also I don't think the sewer chapter fitted the theme very well.

Also because it wasn't updated when Steam broke the mods, I had to noclip through some areas that required Michael and I sort of just guessed what they were supposed to be saying.

Still, it was enjoyable.




Got it working and its preety good.


jackar says

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good gamepley, nice idea, locations, but it was low detailed work, areas didnt have some deep idea, just go and kill. nice ending


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