Ya3dag is based on the quake 2 modification Quake2maX and the lazarus game dll. Want to create your own levels? Well, you've come to the right place. Ya3dag has a built-in "what you see is what you get" level-editor and has been specifically designed for rapid level creation. Terrain, smart NPC's, weather, physic simulation, ...

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Feb 1st, 2012
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Underworld, revised in-game menu, recipes, poison. These are some of the new features in Ya3dag V1.35.

Release Notes Ya3dag V1.35

Summary of changes for the update of Ya3dag V 1.35.

Battle of the skeletons
* Map 'Sandy adventures'.
* This map was added an underground dungeon.
There are two entrances from the upper world.
Will you find them?
* The dinosaurs can be lured and killed with poisonous
meat. You just need the right recipe to manufacture
poisonous meat.

Revised Inventory
* new in game dialog called iBag

* A main-dialogue with these sub-dialogues
* inventory dialog
* jobs dialog
* skill dialog
* recipes dialog

* hud shows at the lower rigth of the screen items
assigned to the keys 0 .. 9.

* Inventory dialog, the items are grouped by
* Weapon/Ammo
* Armor
* Keys
* Powerups
* Health
* Others

* Inventory dialog can assign items to the keys 0 .. 9.

* Recipes dialog is new
The player can collect recipes. In the recipe dialogs new items are created using other
items as incredients.

Recipes * Recipes
Recipes are Yad3dags method to manufacture new
items. Recipes will be collected as well as other
First, all ingredients of the recipe must be in
possession of the player. After that, the new item
can be manufactured.
The availability of ingredients is displayed each time.


* Underworld
The underworld exists beneath the terrain. It is intended for dungeons and interiors of buildings.
In order to optimize the frame rate, the drawing process for the underworld and the upper
world with terrain are separated from each other.

* target setting, added 'movewith'
Pressing the 't' key, a connection ist made between the marked entity 'target' and the selected
'targetname'. Pressing one of the numeric keys as modifier, the following alternate fields are used:

key field color of connection arrow
1 target red
2 target2 orange
3 killtargetdark red
4 pathtarget green
5 combattarget bluish
6 deathtarget gray
7 movewith yellow

* Arrows from 'target' to 'targetname'
The arrows pointing from an enitity to it's target label their soure field by showing it's name in the
arrow beam. For example the arrow of a 'killtarget' displays the text 'kill'.

* In the minimmap of the editor the point of view and the direction of view is indicated by a white

* Added Control X to copy and delete an object in the scene.

* target_monitor
Made the target_monitor usable by adding it to the quake2RR.ent file.
The target_monitor is a Lazarus point entity which switches the player's view to that of the
target_monitor itself. In appearance, this is similar to the function of an info_player_intermission,
except that the target_monitor may be triggered at any time, and its view is used by only
the player that triggered it.
This entity can be used any time you want to show the player something. For example, if the
player presses a button that opens a door elsewhere in the map, rather than displaying a cliched
"A door has opened somewhere" message, you can let the player see and hear the door actually
opening. Another possible use is as a sort of cut-scene camera. The target_monitor viewpoint can
be made to move about if it is set to movewith a moving parent entity, and the viewpoint can be
set to watch another entity by targeting it. Alternatively, the target_monitor can act as a chase
cam which follows the target entity by a set distance (CHASE_CAM spawnflag) or take on the POV
of the targeted entity (EYEBALL spawnflag).

* func_monitor
Made the func_monitor usable by adding it to the quake2RR.ent file.
The Lazarus func_monitor is a new brush model entity which allows you to place security camera
viewing stations, robot control stations, and/or turret controls in your map. Although
func_monitor will work when targeting any entity, it is designed primarily to work with either
turret_breach or misc_actor, and the results may be a bit strange if you target any other solid
entity: most likely the viewpoint will be embedded in the model for that entity.
The monitor will not work automatically in the same way as a target_monitor does. It requires that
the player consciously access it with an active +use command. In order for this to work the player
must be standing within 100 units of the func_monitor and be looking at it. This action will cause
the player's viewpoint to shift to the target of the func_monitor, and if that target is a
turret_breach or misc_actor, he will also take control of its movement. Turning a turret_breach
is accomplished with the normal freelook controls. Robot actors may be made to walk or run
forward or backward, turn, jump, crouch, and shoot (but not strafe). Exiting "monitor mode" is
accomplished by another +use input.


* Shader script language.
The stage specific keywords 'gl_combine'.
If a argument CONSTANT is specified, any color from a rgbGen
or alphaGen is transfered to the 'color' of the current
texture unit in use.
==> Now the 'CONSTANT' argument is usable.


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Ya3dag V1.35
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LiveMChief Feb 1 2012 says:

Me want source code.

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robert.reinhard Author
robert.reinhard Feb 2 2012 replied:

Source code is on the way.

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ice_trey Feb 2 2012 says:

umm is this sp or mp?

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robert.reinhard Author
robert.reinhard Feb 2 2012 replied:

10 sp levels, 1 mp level. Mostly single player.

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