Ya3dag is based on the quake 2 modification Quake2maX and the lazarus game dll. Want to create your own levels? Well, you've come to the right place. Ya3dag has a built-in "what you see is what you get" level-editor and has been specifically designed for rapid level creation. Terrain, smart NPC's, weather, physic simulation, ...

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Aug 25th, 2011
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'Sandy Adventure' is Ya3dag's newest level. Desert sand, ancient cities, treasures and a bottle of rum.

Release Notes Ya3dag V1.34

Summary of changes for the update of Ya3dag V 1.34.

Valley of the Kings
* New map 'Sandy adventures'.
Desert sand, ancient cities, treasures and a bottle of

* 'Physics laboratory' Level.

Bulled physics

* Updated from Version 2.75 to 2.77
* Adjusted paramter for 'continuous collision detection'.
* Fixed the ugly getEulerZYX() problem for physics objects.
The function getEulerZYX() convert axis rotation information
to angle rotation information. In some cases there are multible
solutions (and one of them is used). Because this is used for
drawing, we saw objects flipping around.


New surface bit SURF_EDIT_DRAW with value 0x20000000.
If set this surface is drawn only in the editor view or
for prefab view.
Used to draw surfaces for helping to position .bsp models.


Editor improvements* Visualization of the light radius.

* Checkboxes right to the mini map to switch on/off
* Show objects in mini map
* Visualize light radius
* Grid with distance 256/1024
* Visualize 'cliffs' and 'field textures'

* Cliff textures
For terrain with steep slopes, the texture is drawn differently.
A cliff has a slope of about 45 degrees or more.
* The level flag 'Cliff drawing' must be checked for this.
* Check 'Visualize 'cliffs' and 'field textures'' near the minimap.
Cliffs get a yellow frame.

* Terrain field textures
Normally a field texture is composed from the textures of
the 4 surrounding vertexes.
A 'field textures' will overwrite this.
* Check 'Visualize 'cliffs' and 'field textures'' near the minimap.
'field textures' are marked with a circle inside.

Model configuration file _modelconfig.txt

This configuration file is used for player models
only (until now).
It is located in the same directory as the associated
.md2 or .md3 model.

New optional entry

FliesProbability 0.50

Probability of dead monster generating flies.
Default is 0.15. The given value can be
between 0.0 and 1.0 (for 100 percent).


* link image files

* Create a file with the extension '.lim' (Create
a new notepad file with the help of the explorer).
* With notepat write in the the name of an existing
* If the filename of the texture is replaced with an
asterik, the filename of the .lim file is used
as image name.

Example 2:
* In directory 'textures\Q2T\tex\Wall' create the
file 'misc_13_q1_ground1_7.lim'.
* Write in the text

Example 1:
* In directory 'textures\Q2T\tex\Misc' create the
file 'Wall_22c.lim'.
* Write in the text
to use the file textures/Wall/Wall_22c.jpg

==> In the Ya3dag terrain editor, the texture
misc_13_q1_ground1_7 is listed, but used is
the texture ground1_7.jpg from the quake
directory. Note that also the material files
_norm, _depth and _gloss are loaded.
* Terrain textures in the Q2T subdirectory can be linked
to an other existing textures.
Every texture can be used as terrain texture
without wasting space on the hard disk.
* Also material textures like _norm, _depth or _gloss
can link to other files.
Use this textures multiple times.
* Link saves memory/texture space because textures
can be multipled used but are loaded only once.

* trigger_pushable

Triggers if assoicated func_pushable (pointed by 'target2') is moved inside
the minmax box.

* target2
Target to func_pushable. This must be moved inside minmax box to trigger.

* target
Trigger this if func_pushable is inside minmax box.

* sounds
Sound on trigger
0) None
1) secret
2) beep beep
3) large switch

* message
Output message on trigger.

* team
Used for grouping trigger_pushable.
To set up a group of trigger_pushable, give them all the same arguments.
Only the target2 points to different func_pushable.
All func_pushable must be inside the assicated trigger_pushable
to fire the trigger.

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Ya3dag V1.34
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