You are a detective named Hughes who is called to investigate strange events and mysterious murders that have been happening in a small village of New England. As of this first release, only the prologue is playable. It serves as a proof-of-concept and to show the mood and atmosphere we would like to achieve from an eventual full game. Your goal in this demo is to find a way out of the room at all costs. Looks for clues, visual cues and audio cues that point you to elements of interests in the room.

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One of many mods for half-life 2 that should have been finished.

The demo itself has tremendous effort put into textures, models and atmosphere.

While there is one scare in the mod, the atmosphere is what held it together.

And then it ends.

It's a shame, really, even for a demo it is abruptly short.

But what it had to show was amazing, if only the mod team continued development :(

This mod would certainly have been incredible if it was finished. For the tiny size of the prologue the quality was outstanding.

Wish it was longer

Bien sympathique , une ambiance digne d'un bon jeu d'horreur , trop court par contre ! La suite vite !!!!!

Awesome atmosphere,love the setting,and I have a filling the story is gonna be more than expected.Great job,can't wait till' full version.

Pretty nice mod, great feeling in it, though very short (demos are rarely long, aren't they?). I mainly noticed how short the main character was, since he was at near eye-height with the chairs, or was it the chairs that were so big?

This game had a lot of potential but was severely lacking.
To me it seemed unfinished, with an ending that could have been drawn out a bit more.
The purose of them game was to insspect items to find your way out of the room, but there werent enough items to inspect and it was very unrewarding.
This mod isnt worth mutliple playthroughs but should be experienced at least once.

The demo is neat, I hope to see this getting complete! What I liked most about the demo was the tunnel/corridor, the sounds and darkness in there was so scary! The atmosphere is cool and it is fun to play as a detective finding clues! Please don't die, make a full mod!

A bit short, but interesting.

early 1900 appearance i thought was nice i thought the mood was actually scary i thought the end was too close but i cannot wait for the rest of the game so good job oh and fix ragdoll of the dead chap at the start when the floor broke his chest stretched out like a dead stalker but i loved the models besides that. thanks for the game

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