Created with the intentions to bring some quality gameplay to the players. You play as Kyle, who has been captured, and awakes in a mysterious mansion with only one objective in escape. We are trying to build a mod that has about 2-3 hours of good solid gameplay, packed full with bone chilling moments. We hope you guys enjoy it!! Please leave feedback and enjoy.

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Very good mod. I love the monster at the end of chapter 1. A unique concept.


cav500 says

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COMBINATION DOES NOT WORK. I am soooo tired of this happening in custom stories. I get to really enjoying a story and then the combination bug comes up. Usually it's a hammer and chipper. This time it's the copper tube and hollow needle that will not combine. This story is bugged.


VladimirVoska says

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Very impressed with this custom story. I like how you free the Punumbra guy from his cell.


TheDeityAether says

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Solid mod, with some fun chases; laughed so hard at the 'hideous being's' mansnake as well!


I liked it a lot, waiting on further chapters.


at first i was thinking that this mod was kind of boring, but im glad i played through the entire first chapter. the beginning had some bland level design but after you get out of the mansion things get better. took me a while to figure out what to do with the hammer!


Nice game! Pretty exiting ending..


Weridoguy says

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Meki says

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This was quite good, spotted no bugs.
But at the end it didn't let me through the door to follow the monster and only after few seconds it blacked out and "The end" with no credits at all...?
I look forward to playing chapter 2 but I can see that it won't be released at all and that's not good...


I cant combine the 2 pieces together and so far I only had 1 custom story; this one, so no I didnt overwrite anything. Bad experience on this one, hopefuly it gets fixed. This CS had potential though

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