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New Pits/Lairs (Games : Battle for Middle-earth II : Mods : From Book to Game - Quenta Silmarillion : Forum : New Upgrades/Powers : New Pits/Lairs) Locked
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Jan 31 2012 Anchor

Maybe you can put in the game more lairs/pits.

some idea: -Dragon lair(The old dragons not very good:( Maybe you can create better dragons than the olds.
-Werwolf lair
-orc camps
-Eagle nest(What you think guys sound interesting hm?)
-Bandit camp
-Beast lair(in the game the dwarves uses beasts to pull their wagons/carts. maybe you can create somthing like this)

Feb 1 2012 Anchor

i guesss....

Feb 2 2012 Anchor

I though about bandits/wildmen Creeps a while ago, but the company disagreed.

Dragon lair - way way too powerful.

Orc camp - We've got a goblin cave already. Don't wanna overspam the Creeps.

Eagle nest - Hmmm.... I will ponder this.

Beast lair - No. Sorry, just can't really see buffalo thingies being worth the time to destroy. If you persuade me, I'll think about it - if not... no.

Feb 3 2012 Anchor

Maybe you right Fellbeast abuot the lairs.

But i have a new suggestion:-Mountain Giant lairs
(Only some mountain maps)

And an other idea:-Huorn moot?(Huorns=little Ents)
(The Huorns ar weaker than the Ents, because they are younger)
And you put the lairs for some forest map.(like Fangorn)

sorr my english again.

Feb 3 2012 Anchor

mountain giant maybe, huorn moot no.

  1. huorns are not weaker or younger than ents, nor ar they 'little' ents. they are trees that are more alive.
  2. huorns look like trees. take too much space and would look weird too.
  3. huorn moot is not a word, nor is ent moot. it's Entmoot. and above all, it aint a place, Entmoot is an event.
Feb 3 2012 Anchor

Ohh..XD good to hear.Sorry for my stupidness.

Feb 4 2012 Anchor

NO, mate! Not to make you feel bad! just making it lore accurate!

Feb 23 2012 Anchor

Other idea:Scorpion nest?(In desert maps like Harad)
(Gorkil use a scorpion but i think its stupidness.Prefer a spider.)

Feb 23 2012 Anchor

... perhaps. but i do't think we're having a map of harad. mainly beleriand. can you think of an area like that on beleriand? i guess anfauglith... what else?

Best idea so far is eagle nest. would be BEAUTIFUL in crissaegrim.

Fell what do you think of eagle nest?

Feb 23 2012 Anchor

Hmm good question...Anfauglith right.But...what else?I thinking on it...

Feb 23 2012 Anchor

what do you think of lothlann?

Feb 23 2012 Anchor

Lothlann?I don't know this area.But its true this land near to Anfauglith.So, in my oppinon this is good idea.

(an other little thing:I read the book again some days ago, and get some info.:Gothmog used a great Axe)

Feb 23 2012 Anchor

yes. i know. what about it?

Feb 23 2012 Anchor

Nothing.I just try give some iformation about it when you creat Gothmog creat him more realistic.(sorry my english)

Feb 25 2012 Anchor

Yeah, Scorpions'd be fun, but inaccurate. Giant lairs- Sounds alright to me. Eagle nest?
It sounds like a good idea, but I just don't like good guys. But it'll have to go in, coz it's a great idea.

Feb 25 2012 Anchor

Thanks Fellbeast :)

p.s:please upload some new detail :) :)

Feb 27 2012 Anchor

Will do ASAP. Kinda difficult atm, but ASAP.

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