Purgation of Kaurava is a mod for Dawn of War Soulstorm that brings the game closer to codex, this mod aims to recreate a more faithful RTS version of the Warhammer 40k Table Top game, among its objectives are including most if not all the units present in the codices and make more emphasis on the fighting than base management, even more than the original DOW.

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PoK Alpha 1.5 is out! It was supposed to be released both as a patch for Alpha 1 and a standalone version, however due to some technical difficulties Im only releasing the standalone version. There is a chance that I can compile and release the patch in the next weeks but i dont promise anything. For the moment only the Torrent link is available but it will be uploaded here on ModDB soon.

Posted by Melooo on Jul 7th, 2011

PoK Alpha 1.5 is out!

It was supposed to be released both as a patch for Alpha 1 and a standalone version, however due to some technical difficulties Im only releasing the standalone version. There is a chance that I can compile and release the patch in the next weeks but i dont promise anything.

For the moment only the Torrent link is available but it will be uploaded here on ModDB soon. This version comes with an installer to ease things out and it also creates Shortcuts in the Desktop and Startmenu that will make Soulstorm automatically load the mod without needing to activate it in the mod manager. It also has an unistaller.

Torrent Link: Mediafire.com
Torrent Link: Mediafire.com
Added more trackers to the torrent

Extra Features:

Ordo Malleus/Daemonhunters Sneak Peak, including GK terminators, the race is still under developed though....so they might have serious disadvantages vs other races.

Bug Fixes:
- Iron Warrior extra artillery vehicles (medusa/griffon) arent available FIXED
- Warsmith isnt showing servo arm after upgrade FIXED
- Only Scout and Tactical combat squad sarges can deploy locator/teleport beacons...all combat squad sarges should. FIXED
- SM Terminators dont cause slowdown to enemies in melee FIXED
- BT banner doesnt show in LPs, CLs and Relics FIXED
- Chaos Lord Daemonic Essence doesnt work FIXED
- Orks have Tier3 research twice FIXED
- Elite Nobz are limited to 1 squad FIXED
- Terminators squads get trapped in the space marine barracks. FIXED
- SM predator hatch gunner has torso displaced, see screenshot FIXED
- Black Templar can only have 1 FA choice FIXED
- Typo in the space marine librarians power null zone. it says ind instead of mind. FIXED
- Chaos Terminators have a code bug that prevents combat animations from playing. FIXED
- zealous can't summon greater deamons FIXED
- wraithlord doesn't have the correct armour type FIXED
- X89 commander cannot research the double barreled plasma rifle and fusion blaster. FIXED
- ork flash gitz snazzgun with blasta have wrong reload time FIXED
- Necron lord destroyer has 2 phase shift icons. FIXED
- Chaos lord (of any mark) shows the servoarm when upgraded with daemon weapon FIXED
- The renegades heavy bolter upgrade is called an auto cannon FIXED
- The ork pop thing is in the upper left conner for other races FIXED
- The Ard Truck boys are named '63000070 FIXED
- The Vyper weapon upgrades don't have descriptions FIXED
- The Harlequin troupe doesn't have a capture animation FIXED
- pink unit card for fleshhounds with fury of chaos upgraded FIXED
- the coaxial storm bolter on vanquishers and conquerors doesn't have a firing animation, in fact, it vanishes when it fires. FIXED
- Khorne chosen CC squad skull champion can't upgrde to a power fist FIXED
- Space Marines ironclad dread is limited to 1 FIXED
- Chaos cultist upgrades icons get overlaped by aspiring champ ones FIXED

Change Log:

- Assault Grenades no longer cause slowdown and apply modifiers that alter target behaviour, but instead cause from 15-150dmg with a recharge time of 25sec
- Krak Grenades can now damage Heavy Armour 4
- Added ability recharge time id to all speed increase abilities to see if they work with toggle activation, thus only allowing one them at a time.
- Imperial and Chaos Plasma weapons have their recharge time increased 25%, fire slower now.
- Removed deepstrike events (lightning flash)
- Skimmers move 50% faster when not using combat speed
- Flat Out changed to timed ability from toggled
- Some general AI improvements.
- Win Condition updated, should not cause SCAR errors anymore.
- Heroes mod fully updated and playable.

- Techmarine Signum updated to act like Space Marines one
- Builder techmarine cost increased to 250 requisition
- New Terminator model

- Undivided Traits tweaks
- Troops Daemons restricted to 10units squads unless their mark is picked in HQ or with Zealous Trait
- Daemons are unavailable to AL, IW and NL traits
- Cult Troops are unavailble to Undivided Traits
- Undivided Traits require to have no cult troops built
- Greater Daemons only available with their HQ mark or Zealous Trait, they spawn at the Sacrificial Cirlce when "summoned" in Zealous, with their HQ mark they possess as normal.
- IW Servo arm wargear now adds an ability that fixes a bug with the repair command when the lords uses a transport.
- IW has access to Artillery vehicles, Medusa, Griffon and Basilisk
- Chaos Space Marines cost increased to 85requisition

- New model for Boyz (Slugga boy, Shoota boy, Tankbusta, Stormboy, Ardboy)
- New Stormboy Nob model
- Burnaboyz use kommando model now, kinda suits it better with the facemask and fancy burna model.
- Tankbustas Bomb Squig ability actually deploys a bomb squig now
- Tankbustas Gloryhogs chasing reduced a lot, they wont cross the entire map to attack a far away target now.

Space Marines
- Assault Terminator sarge should be able to upgrade to Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield in the squad upgrade menu
- New Terminator model
- Tactical squads can get special weapons without needing full squad, Heavy Weapons still require full squad.
- Tactical squad upgrades cost increased, since they dont require full squad anymore.

- Leman Russ model tweaked, fixed autocannons and coaxial stormbolters animations and other miscellaneous.
- Coaxial storm bolters for Leman Russ Vanquishers (including command tank) are an optional upgrade now.
- AI now uses Company Command Squad Orders abilities.

- Units and Weapons properly tiered
- Guardian squads can now upgrade their Platform weapon, not needing to have a squad type for each Platform weapon.
- Harlequins have access to Fusion Pistols

- Units and Weapons properly tiered

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lester2096 Jul 8 2011, 7:30am says:

oh sweet.

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ravenzfate Jul 8 2011, 8:01am says:

oh man, i hope i still have my soulstorm installer somewhere in the house

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scruffy2737 Jul 8 2011, 1:47pm says:


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Raynerboy Sep 9 2011, 10:37am says:

GOOD MOD!!! best one i have found yet!

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jonathon2 Sep 23 2011, 4:06pm says:

awesome mod!

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Guest Jan 15 2015, 7:33am says:

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