Psychophobia is a Doom II mod which can be played with gzdoom and skulltag. Features: new weapons, new monsters, new textures, new music, new sounds, new decorates, new Hud, new maps, and many other different things.

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I think this is a very unique mod. You have a gazillion weapons with hundreds of monsters. I thought it's very cool but I kinda think the 3D weapons are a bit out of theme with the normal PsychoPhobia.You could make the next release have more Doom style suiting weapons and upload an addon that changes it to the 3D ones? But overall, great huge mod!

its an Awesome mod for one of the most known FPS of the 90s , "Doom"
It completely replace most of the items and monsters , giving to the game a nice and good look , i recommend this mod , its pretty awesome for people who like custom and new things in their game


NUTS! Gonna play it with Chambers Of Dis mod! EVEN MORE NUTS!
Seriously I loved this mod, haven`t tried 3D. I like sprites.

Dude there should be more wads like this! :D

This is one of the best mods I have ever played and the arena is awesome.

Crashes a lot, way too hard, dead mod, should be removed.

It also has a great future/medieval style to it.

Mod is really nice, well done maps, nice weapons and stuff
But its soooo slow, monsters have slow reaction time and even if they shoot on you their plasma/rockets is sloooowly moving at you, its really easy mod
3D models in doom ...just no please, they are really bad with clunky animations

I really enjoyed the level design and weapons.

It's like a ton of different weapons and enemies thrown together in a really coherent way that's really fun to play just like Brutal DooM.

There's almost no logic behind some of it, but it actually works really well. There are space marines from Aliens mixed with UAC marines, cultists from Blood, new Doom demons, hexen enemies, quake 2 etc...

The level design offers a great balance of aesthetics, exploration, and fighting for your survival using an awesome variety of weapons against hordes of demons.

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