Welcome to project R.I.H. a massive, open world consisting of over 67 square km. Your plane has crashed, and you have been captured by psychopaths.. Your job is to survive, and find out what is driving these people mad. Project R.I.H. will bring new features to crymod, such as the largest single level on crymod at this time, as well as a few new gameplay features.

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Anywhere [OLD] Designer at Epic Scale Games

designer epic scale games anywhere level designers we are currently recruiting additional people to work on project r.i.h., a survival rpg/fps mod for crysis & crysis warhead. the 'level designer' position includes work such as designing new areas, vegetation, texturing, lighting, etc., using crytek's cryengine 2 'sandbox' editor. skill with the flowgraph editor is a plus, but not required. unlike normal mods, this is a single large map, so you would be working on a one or two week shift. specializing in forests and desolate areas is a plus, as well as having a good internet connection [file size over 150mb].

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