Project Revolution is a WarCraft3 : Frozen Throne Mod, that will turn StarCraft:BroodWar into 3D. The Mod will stay true to the original StarCraft:Broodwar. No Races will be added, no heroes, no Units or skills. Just plain old SC. In 3D. Check out our screenshots to see what we've been working on. Check out our site and drop a few lines on the forum or visit our IRC channel for a chat with the team if you like. We're always scouting for talented artists and coders. If you think you can contribute to this project visit our site.

Holiday Update: Terran Demo

Holiday Update: Terran Demo

Dec 26, 2007 0 comments

Here's to the holidays and our promises.

Video Update

Video Update

Nov 29, 2007 5 comments

Video Update.

November Update

November Update

Nov 14, 2007 4 comments

Project Revolution news & update for November 14, 2007.

July Update.

July Update.

Jul 14, 2007 4 comments

After a rather lengthy issue with our main forums being down, they're back up and running, and with it comes some news and information. COOLer has...

SC2 and Website Q&A.

May 28, 2007 0 comments

In light of the release of SC2 (of which I'm sure everyone reading this is now VERY aware), many people are wondering what the plan is with Project...

Project Revolution in 2007

Jan 10, 2007 0 comments

Things had been quiet near the end of 2006, but there were some hidden updates for those of you who have been keeping an eye on the project. We're...

The Revolution-airy Holiday Update

The Revolution-airy Holiday Update

Dec 28, 2006 6 comments

It Seems That Santa Left Some Gifts Under the Christmas Tree. Three new Gallery Images - New Forum Avatars - And . . . The First Ever - OFFICIAL PROJECT...


Dec 8, 2006 0 comments

PR's looking to pick up some speed and hurry it's way towards completion, and we can use your help! If you want to be a part of Project Revolution...

Event Horizon

Dec 8, 2006 0 comments

There's a new image up there for all you patient people. I've been on hiatus for the last month with a new job, new apartment, and some other...

Problems Accessing the Website.

Sep 12, 2006 0 comments

Some of you might have an issue accessing PR's Homepage and Forums. The following is the breakdown that I got from Naga_Warrior regarding the reason...

Project Revolution: Massive Gallery Update.

Project Revolution: Massive Gallery Update.

Sep 7, 2006 8 comments

The Snowflake Entertainment team has been busy working on completely converting Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne into Starcraft: Broodwar, keeping the project...

Project Revolution seeks skilled Tools programmer

Feb 5, 2006 0 comments

We would like to know if any of you skilled fans out there are able to create a program that will mass convert all mdl files in a specified directory...

Site back up!

Feb 2, 2006 0 comments

Ok, so the site is now back online. A few links are still messed up and some of the latest board data has been lost. Other than that it's all back...

Little updates until the site gets fixed

Feb 1, 2006 0 comments

Hey Everyone. While you're eagerly awaiting the comeback of the site, you can spend your time on our public IRC channel: #revolution on . I have...

Site Problems.

Jan 31, 2006 0 comments

We're having an issue with our site. We know. We're working on it. the new forums will be up at


Aug 28, 2005 0 comments

Well, alot of things are happening, and we don't get around to updating ModDB as much as we would like to. We've completed work on our new gallery...

Gallery update

May 5, 2005 0 comments

After ModDB's server Issues large parts of our gallery got deleted. I finally recovered the lost images and brought the gallery back up to date with...

OMG the graphical goodness!!!

Jan 24, 2005 0 comments

I updated the Project Revolution moddb site to have the new images from the normal site (here). that's TWELVE (12) new images for your viewing pleasure...

Recent Updates

Jan 22, 2005 0 comments

We've currently released several new images and animations. Check out the official website to see them and dicuss them on our forums. In addition...

We're not dead!!!

Jan 11, 2005 0 comments

Thanks to the holidays 90% of us got sidetracked... but we're back to working... got a few new things coming up soon so stay tuned!!!

CGW Jan Issue

Dec 12, 2004 1 comment

The CGW January issue featuring Project Revolution has been released. Go check it out for two exclusive screenshots!

Interview with Project Revolution

Oct 31, 2004 14 comments

And we have another interview for you. This time the Warcraft III mod has gone through some interesting and revealing questioning. Don't hold back...

First building renders

Oct 2, 2004 0 comments

We recently released our first building renders. The Protoss Pylon The Protoss Gateway The Zerg Hatchery and The Terran Command Center As you can see...

Project Revolution

Sep 2, 2004 7 comments

For the last several months we have been working on a modification that would as closely as possible mimic the game of Starcraft through the latest engine...

New spinner added

Aug 19, 2004 0 comments

Another new Spinner has been added to our Site. check the Wraith model out at

New spinners and new guy

Aug 12, 2004 0 comments

In order to keep modDB updated, I'm rewriting some news here: We picked up PraetorPhoenix, who is a professional animator, to help with High poly models...

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