Portal: New Adventure is a small mod for game Portal. It takes you to the Aperture Science Growing up center.Just few chambers in old style, don't expect nothing huge.

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Very rare mod. It didn't take forever to release. It was decent mapping. It's very hard to make AND complete a mod in such a short time. It wasn't too hard and it wasn't too easy. I do admit there was some bugs in the mod though.


Portal: New Adventure is a mod that is too easy and too short. None of the puzzles required much thought, and it took no more than twenty minutes to complete a blind play through. The story is nonexistent, similar to most mods, but instead of the Enrichment Center, we are placed in the "Growing Up Center", which is a stupid idea. Also, the voice acting isn't all that great. I can see why some people like this mod, as it's meant for people who are new to this game, but it's just not for me.

I enjoyed this mod it was bit challaging but still good at the same time
Good Job :)



ShogunPlus says

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Cool I just got it.


rmp13798 says

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Very nice mod and the first one i have ever completed.

Why this mod deserves 8 points?

Just because I never put 10 points anythere :)
Actually, P:NA is really good, and the most impotaint thing - it was done in short time - not every mod developer can brag on it!

Have good luck in future modding Dom44.

Um... great.
It looked Great.

This is a good mod to play and finish it.

Fun and short gameplay. Lots of details and creative bts area. I just didn't like the flinging chambers too much. Maybe I just suck at flinging.

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