What happens when you install GlaDOS into the Vocaloid Hatesune Miku? The worlds greatest virtual diva becomes the worlds greatest virtual antagonist. Based on the Portal Vocaloid internet meme, Portal: Vocaloid edition hopes to make what is now a popular concept into a gaming reality.

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XenoAisam says

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well the gameplay of portal already good~ so in sense to put some parody from vocaloids make it turns funny! it would be better if the real exact miku voice replace those glados voice.

SOOO GOOD, I'm so glad that there is an anime version of portal now!

What a ****** pile of ****** ****

awesomeness :D

so why my like it now maybe I can support you xeno

good mod lol

sooo I started playing this this morning and the first thing I noticed what that the radio sound had been replaced with like.. one of my favorate Vocaloid songs ever... and I was like OMG YES!!.. I'm almost done playing it now (I think) and I can't wait for the final boss fight with miku!!!

I'll give it an 8 out of 10. Why? Because I feel my mod is inferior to this. -_- I am jealous. Good game overall.

cool man! 10/10

Because it is cool

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