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callmeSven says

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This review contains spoilers. Be wary.
At long last, Project Beta has been released. After quite a long time in development, was it worth the wait? I'll start off by saying that the atmosphere was amazing. Just like in the original Portal (hell, it made me think of Half-Life and Left 4 Dead too), the mood that the maps gave off made you feel uneasy, the whole "Am I safe?" thing. The color correction helped a whole lot, as it truly made you feel like you were playing in a much older area of Aperture Science. It was a good feeling.

However, although the music, colors, and general gameplay of the mod was fun, there were several problems that I wished were addressed before the final release (odds are, there will be patches soon). First of all, on a few of the chambers, the final elevator's doors would not close once you were inside it. While funny at first, it does make the exits look rushed and uncared for. Many of the "tests" were very difficult, so this mod might be frustrating to certain users.

The ending to the mod was rather... boring and uninspired. I'll leave you, the player, to learn the ending, either by playing the mod or looking it up on Youtube. I can say that it was a slap to the face, literally making me say "Is that it?" at the very end of it. After sitting there in disbelief, I'm transported to the main menu, feeling confused and a little disappointed. As omnicoder put it, "It's more realistic than a miraculous escape." True, but perhaps a Portal Prelude-styled ending wasn't the best of choices.

I give Project Beta an 8/10. A good mod, but it needs some polish to make it shine.

Its not the final, but its very awesome.
Simply, Valve like puzzles and texture.
A masterpiece mod!!!


Really, really cool... :)


I simply loved it. When I was downloading this mod I wasn't expecting it will be THAT GOOD! One of my favourite mods, it has great atmosphere and beautiful test chambers.

The gameplay was excellent, the puzzles were challenging, the atmosphere was amazing. but there were a few things lacking.

The holes left by the "ratman" have been replaced by the inane ravings of a schizofrenic lunatic, arguing with his/herself over things such as cookies and TF2 accounts; also sprayed around these rooms are random anime characters with captions such as "You're gonna get raped!" and "OMNOM! COOKIES!" are toatally out of character, ultimately hindering, instead of helping the atmosphere. The end was, well, lacking. It had me literally playing the final level over and over again loking for some secret hole, some hidden spot to shoot a portal into to get a different ending; but with no such luck.

On the other hand, the aesthetics of the game were much improved over the original, varying from the obvious modification of the portals, to the more subtle, such as distressed Aperture logos and hearts on the normal and companion cubes respectively. Random craters, scorch marks and bullet holes help the atmosphere. Heck, even the indicators next to the doors hae been distressed. As to the levels themselves, great. This game is certainly not for beginner, or even intermediate players. Simple changes to orginal levels; a glass pane here, a turret there, or simply flip the entire level upside-down around the player.

A promising mod, lacking in a few areas, but shining through in others, Project: Beta can be all the better by fixing some areas and trashing others, *cough*randomanimecharacters*cough*.



This is an epic mod but a few things that you could change to make it better:pink instead of orange crosshair, real beta portals and portal gun animations, real beta maps, and other beta stuff. the mod will be alot better then :D


ERich935 says

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So far this game is pretty good. The ending could use some changes. But also I noticed the vent above where the neurotixin is released, that has a portal surface. I guess that part isn't complete. But again, pretty good job.

Nice mod, the end is not very beautiful.

excelent!!!!very very very very very good

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