Portal Pro is a set of test chambers focusing on solving puzzles locally rather than using complex fling techniques. The goal here is that the solutions are hard to come up with but easy to actually do.

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A very good and creative mod. The only thing that made me rate it 9, is the ending: very boring, you could make it better, Mevious.
And other thing: the new GLaDOS voice sucks... but the chambers... are awesomly well made, hard and beautiful.

All I can say is: download it.


AD_79 says

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While it isn't as good as Rexaura (Which is a known fact), Portal: Pro is an amazing mod that should be played by anyone who owns Portal on PC. The puzzles are perfect. They appear very simple and easy, but usually have a little trick that makes you think much harder. It is also rather long for a Portal mod, which is good. Thirty great puzzles along with five secret maps for players to enjoy. The only problem is the last chapter, the BTS maps, where it gets a little confusing as to what you are meant to do. That, along with the boss battle brought this otherwise amazing mod down a bit.


The best Portal mod ever.


I feel proud having completed most of them without some trick or glitch ^.^


TheMarshmallowBear says

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At first try, this mod proved to be WAY to hard for me, but after the determination and boredom (had nothing to do) I decided to give it a second try and, knowing some of the solutions it was pretty cool, however, the end kinda killed it, it was WAY too difficult (well, it was pretty simple, but the manuevring kinda got bored) and the post-boss-explosion also kinda killed it for me, there is simply no way knowing where to go next in some areas.. but overall, I would still recommend the mod.

PROS : Nice gameplay, puzzles, new AI voice.

CONS : Some puzzles not properly explained, some areas boring, and ending kinda sucked


Perfect mod. Almost (except ending).

Great mod.

Great puzzles based on logic, no requirement for fast reflexes, many chambers however can be easily broken.

Amazing mod for portal and unlike mods like Portal Prelude this is actually about using your brain and not just a test of your reflexes...

Awesome stuff, don't read reviews, play it!


An amazing mod if you ask me. There isn't any story but it does difficult puzzles in the correct way. It's fairly easy to solve a puzzle once you figure out what to do, but figuring out what to do can be really challenging and that makes this mod a lot of fun.

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The best Portal mod ever.

Dec 13 2012 by josepezdj