Plaza Raid Mod (PR Mod) offers a new experience for Max Payne 2 with its Plaza Raid Level, a new Dead Man Walking level, and a tutorial level. Basically, the whole idea of this mod is about Max Payne being a police team member to strike Iron Plaza, which has been occupied by armed bad guys (cleaners). Your primary objective is to kill Kaufman (cleaner leader). To play Plaza Raid level, simply click 'Start Plaza Raid' on the main menu. To play Tutorial level, simply click 'How to Play'. And, to play Plaza Lobby Dead Man Walking level, click 'Plaza Lobby' on Dead Man Walking menu (you must first finish the game in Detective mode in order to access Dead Man Walking).

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Plaza Raid 1.4 released!

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All right, here we go people. Plaza Raid Mod v1.4 has been released! The file size is 60 MB so for those who has 56k connection or slower should be patient...

Release Plan This Week

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All right, I still unable to get rid of the error problem, therefore I will release Plaza Raid Mod version 1.4 with the latest updated of not-complete...

A Bad and Good News

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Start from the bad news. The MaxED2 level file (.lv2) which contains level of Plaza Raid level has became error and for unknown reason, it refuse to be...

It's Still Going On

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All right, first of all I would like to say that Plaza Raid Mod development is not stopped. This mod is still under development. However, I want to apologize...

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