The Philippine Revolution began in August 1896, upon the discovery of the anti-colonial secret organization Katipunan by the Spanish authorities. The Katipunan, led by Andrés Bonifacio, was a secessionist movement and shadow government spread throughout much of the islands whose goal was independence from Spain through armed revolt. In a mass gathering in Caloocan, the Katipunan leaders organized themselves into a revolutionary government and openly declared a nationwide armed revolution. Bonifacio called for a simultaneous coordinated attack on the capital Manila. This attack failed, but the surrounding provinces also rose up in revolt. In particular, rebels in Cavite led by Emilio Aguinaldo won early victories. A power struggle among the revolutionaries led to Bonifacio's execution in 1897, with command shifting to Aguinaldo who led his own revolutionary government.

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is the tard

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Very nice concept, all though I am a bit disapointed with the bug that makes the game unplayable

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-something like 15 errors on beginning a game
-every movement got an error with it
-normal map only faction changes
-no real namechange
-i bugt in a forest and can´t move futher after 15 minutes

-nice idea
-good looking of the soldiers

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