Massive online medieval Roleplay mod for Mount & Blade Warband.

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I love all the new variations of weapons and armours. Only wish there was a Banking system, other than that I actually like this a lot more than PW as you don't get all the arseholes playing it! :) 9/10

I cannot express my love for this mod. I've always wanted a SIngleplayer experience in Multiplayer, but this is WAY BETTER! The first 2 mods (Persistent World ad Persistent Frontier) made such an impact on the way I play Mount & Blade: Warband and that I'm SOOOOOO excited for this mod! The only bad thing (so far) is that the server isn't up! Hey themaestrohun, MAKE MORE AND PUT UP THE SERVER! I NEED TO PLAY THIS. NOW!!!!!
Thanks themaestrohun for making me love Warband even more!
OVER 9000/10, would play again.

i cant rate more then 8 but this mod is a 10 all the way great job guys


Great mod. All the good stuff from PW plus nice realistic gear, and NO GLOBAL CHAT.

Very nice module. Armors and weapons are just awesome. But the bank could be in.

solid and fun, i really love it... the only think i could ask for is a sistem to kill the prisioners.

Nice mod with great community really enjoying to play but there are a bit less people.

PW with better gear


Sir_Cat says

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no servers and the mechanics i don't like

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