The mod story does not consider events in Half-Life 2:Episode 1. After explosion of citadel, G-man immerses Gordon Freeman in stasis, but after a while deduces it from there for the new mission. The target of this mission is penetration into a citadel which is in City 18 (the city located near to City 17). In this citadel there is a teleport in Combine world. Using this teleport, it is necessary to get in Combine World and to destroy their leader.

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This is a great mod, the maps are great the combat is well placed and it is longer than most mods made by one person, i loved this mod however due to the steam update the G-man parts do not work no matter what the player does to the game info file (which is very annoying) and the reason i have not awarded this mod the full 10 is simply because...


the end of the mod is not satisfing without the next installment (ends on an cliffhanger) but the mod has been out for 4 years and there is no mention of a follow up mod.


Due to this the mod is only 9/10, However the mod is fantastic and is a really good 2 hours of enjoyment.


Very nice towards the middle and beginning but repetitive and mildly frustrating towards the end.

Mapping was good but was disappointed that you don't get to actually go the combine world.

good, competent work. have fun. thank you.

While it ends rather abruptly with little payoff, Penetration is an excellent Half-life 2 mod from the early days, with splendid pacing, design and gameplay.

Give this a gander, you won't be sorry :)


Как в жизни всё


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