The purpose of this mod,upgradet original Max Payne 2 game,without changing gameplay and style. Features -New Max's models -All enemyes now have many texturesets,new shaders and specular maps -New weapon models (all weapons old,but models changed to more detailed) -New some weapon icons -New weapon sounds -New death sounds -New menu theme music

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kaviarmackan says

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In the vanilla game the immersion was broken for me on how most of the enemies only had one model and they all looked exactly the same. But this mod fixes that by adding new characters models and the enemies look different each time you play.

I like the new grunts and yells that the enemies make on death. The vanilla grunts and yells are to long and unrealistic.


Hey-Pi-Ron says

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Very good upgrades! But need some new blood effects and some characters looks too chrome and shiny.


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