Orpheus Gothic Project Is a modification for TES:V Skyrim that adds new content to the game including...


- 30+ hours of new gameplay
- Custom Voice Actng for all NPC's
- A map 1x as big as the Dragonborn DLC
- Over 32 quests
- A unique storyline
-Over 56 new items
-15 new enemies

And Much more that you can discover by playing!

What is Gothic?

- Gothic is a popular Medieval RPG game that features a dark world with wars between Orcs and Man raging across the Lands and Seas

How do I install it?

-Download it
-Once it'd downloade it'll be packed in winrar unnpack it
-Copy all the files and dump them to (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data confirm replacing
-Ready to go

To get to the world of Gothic you'll need to find portal which is near cave that you escaped from Helgen.

What Is it Like?

- Orpheus is a Mod Similar to "Beyond Skyrim: Bruma", In the sense that it adds both a new world, and custom assets (such as weapons and armor)

- Orpheus also has dialouge from professional voice actors, adding on to the feeling of immersion

- Orpheus adds a dark and chilling atmosphere to the otherwise Epic or cheery vibe, that Skyrim usually has.

Recommended Mods

- Combat Evolved

- Deadly Combat

These mods WILL increase the difficulty of your game. So I reccomend playing on the difficulty 1 below the one you're on now.

If you want to have a better third person experience, Just copy paste this into the bottom of your Skyrim.ini -


Skyrim.ini is located here for most users - C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\Skyrim


Today I wanted to present to you one of biggest projects ever made for skyrim. The mod is called Orpheus. It'll be a mod set in the universe of the famous German game, Gothic. It'll be total conversion of the game so you'll be able to see a lot of famillar things from Gothic implemented into the mod. The story starts a couple of years after death of the main hero. You'll be able to visit famous location from Gothic 1 and 2. The storyline itself will be based on the fall of the Myrthana. Scattered towns of the kingdom are weakened after the civil war, but that's not the the most prevalent danger. Massive hordes of orcs have started roaming and pillaging lands of Nordmar. Your story begins when you're caught by orcs and forced to sail with them to the nearby islands of Khorinis, where you wait for execution. The game will run on skyrim engine with a couple of tweaks and fixes. We"ll do our best to recreate the dark climate of Gothic.

Please Download and Enjoy!




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Feature 3 comments

Here I'll post questions, ideas that already been send to us.

What will be the map look like.Will it be big ?

-It contains all lands from Gothic 1 and even some extra.It'll be Size of Solstheim Dlc. For more details you can watch screens there is one with the map.

It's in universe of Gothic but with diffrent story line can you tell somthing more about it ?

-It shows what happned after Gothic 3 Ignoring rest of the series.As Rhobar 3 who united Myrthana under one banner was asasinated by conspirators.Provinces separates again waging silly wars aganist one another.In Mean time new main hero is in Nordmar.It was peacefull since orcs gone.But again they saw opurtunity as humans we're divided they attacked all clans.Barbarians couldn't face outnumbering forces of orcs.They all thought that orcs gonna execute them.But the new leader of Orcs Ur-Shak had diffrent plans for them which icluded sending them on near by Khornis island mainly Valley Of Mines where all action takes place.We play as capitive of orcs,as we await for execution but somthing is about to happen.And this is where the players comes on.

Can you tell how much time in game i can expect from this mod ?

-Hard to say.I can tell that there is 25 Side quests and 12 main quests.But there is a lot of things to explore so it's more depending how you gonna play it.

Will it be same hard as original Gothic ?

-Well we can promise that it'll be hard but Gothic has somthing very special that'll be nearly impossible to copy.

Will there be many playable races? (hoping that not)

- We're thinking about race from Nordmar but possibly could be from Khorinis Island as well and the last one from continent.

Will traveling through the map be disabled like in the mod "Enderal" ?

-We are still thinking about that .As disabling it would be great for atmosphere.But making fast travell would be better for gameplay but we are still thinking about that. If you have opinion about this question you can write it as well.

Will there be teleport runes/scrolls?

-If we disable fast travell than we will add them there is no problem with that.

Will magic be available for everyone or will there be magic circles or some new magic system?

-Well this one is quiet unnknow. We got some new scrolls.

Will we have monsters from the Gothic universe?

-Some of them are like shadowbeasts,crawlers. But we got bad news as scavenger was impossible to implement.

Can you go to Khorinis and Jharkendar too?

-No all action takes place in extended Valley of Mines.

Will we meet any of the legendary 4 guys (Diego, Lester, Milten, Gorn) or Xardas?

- No we'll meet a lot of old characters some are even little legendary like Ur- Shak

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Gothic Orpheus 1.7

Gothic Orpheus 1.7

Full Version 2 comments

Another version we've did a lot of voice acting but we're still working peps just hold up once we finish it.

Special Edition Gothic Orpheus

Special Edition Gothic Orpheus

Full Version 4 comments

We've worked hard. We've fixed a lot of bugs and add a lot of voice acted lines.

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Only reason to buy Skyrim.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Question; will you include the legendary sword Uriziel or the Ore armor? even after all these years Uriziel is still the 1# most awesome sword.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
andzi256 Creator

What if one of them is already in game i can only say there are some easter eggs for Gothic fans.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

So guys, how does this play with mods, in particular combat mods? I absolutely love the idea of a Gothic mod for Skyrim, but I cannot bear the thought of more Vanilla Skyrim combat...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
andzi256 Creator

You can mix couple of more mods and it should work.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Nooo, no way... Gothic on the TES platform will be awesomeee! :D

Yes, If preferable, only focusing on the Valley of Mines would be nicer... And the "disabled easy movement" used in Enderal would be much more immersive and close to the original saga. (actually, Enderal is a good source of inspiration for Gothic too).

Keep up with this great project, really looking forward to it (and really pleasant to see it close to completion)!!! ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Hi :) I have question about this release version. Is that playable with completed quests and storyline? Thx ;-)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
andzi256 Creator

We're having problem with relasing it on steam but it's already done we just didin't post it yet. The problem is that steam can't handle some scripts . But when we pack it ourselves it's working so versions on mod nexus, modb but we'd rather to relase it once the steam version is working wich will take some times for us to fix it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
andzi256 Creator

Quests we're completed with the first upload we just need to fix couple of things and aka add voice acting and we'll be ready to relase final version.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

So it is playable version OK?
When will be release final version? Thx ;-)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
andzi256 Creator

This is playable version but it's not finished.Final version might be relased at end of this month.

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