Warhammer 40k mod for Alien Swarm. You play as one of four members in a Space Marine squad and you're sent to a Tyranid infected planet to investigate

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Salamander Colour Scheme
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Kalenov Jul 27 2010 says:

Hrm..aren't the lenses red on -all- space marine suits anyways? Or is it one of those artistic-licenses painters typically take?

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TeddyLeach Jul 28 2010 replied:

Many do, but it differs depending on the chapter. I believe this colour is correct for the Salamanders, as far as I can remember.

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nosm0ke Author
nosm0ke Jul 28 2010 replied:

I found lot's of reference were they have yellow lenses




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pupkin Jul 28 2010 replied:

It differs from chapter to chapter, some have glowing eyes, etc :p

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{{)ark}_}{ue Jul 27 2010 says:

That's really cool!

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Chaplain_Alphitas Jul 27 2010 says:

Uh, yeah, Salamanders eyes and helmet lenses are red.

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FenrisianW0LF Jul 28 2010 says:

Not all space marine chapters have red eyelenses, but a significant amount do.

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Badab Jul 28 2010 says:

You can always BS around it saying that the reason they are that colour is because they have some sort of tactical xray pwnzor vision and they ran out of red glass. Or not.

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56er Jul 28 2010 replied:

that made me lawl!

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Marffy Jul 28 2010 says:

cool but alas... it is not the ultramarine.

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Murdouken Jul 28 2010 says:

Weird. For some reason the word Salamander made me think of orange.

Still, looks nice. Couple of scratches and dents and you're set.

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Kalenov Jul 28 2010 replied:

Cause orange, is the color of the Lit Promethium, spewing forth from the Heavy Flamers of the Chapter ;)

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CPLAnthony Jul 29 2010 says:

no codex says the eyes are gold

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nosm0ke Author
nosm0ke Jul 29 2010 replied:

they are not gold, they are yellow...and I've found lots of pictures from Games Workshop were they do have yellow eye lenses. If GW made it, it's not wrong.

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CPLAnthony Jul 29 2010 says:

hummm oh i see i jsut checked codex agin its hard to see but they are yellow

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VoRgAn Jul 29 2010 says:

Hi, I just check the Space Marines Codex, and the Salamanders minis have the same eye lenses colour you made on your's (Green/Yellow). Lot of chapters have red eye lenses but not all of them (Blood ravens and IF have greens for instance).

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CPLAnthony Jul 29 2010 says:

they do 2 ultramarines have red and ect

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Dig1tal_Cha0s Creator
Dig1tal_Cha0s Jul 30 2010 says:

Is the emblem a model or a texture because it looks a little flat?

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nosm0ke Author
nosm0ke Jul 31 2010 replied:

It's a model, might look flat with the 3ds coloring I made, with DirectX shaders it looks much better.

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pyronious Jul 31 2010 says:

why is one kneepad grey?

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nosm0ke Author
nosm0ke Jul 31 2010 replied:

It's Jetblack, like the rest of the color scheme. And I don't know why, it just is... :P

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DrazharLn Aug 2 2010 says:

Won't these guys be hard to see in-game, what with being predominantly black from the top and behind?

The Apothecary and the Techmarine are going to be white and red respectively anyway (I assume), so perhaps something that fits with those colours would be better, like Space Wolves (Light Grey/Blue) or like this: Media.photobucket.com

Actually, Space Wolves might be hard to see against the greyish floors, I'm sure you know what you're doing :)

Great work with the models, just the right level of detail for AS, and good luck for the rest of the mod.

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Eldorn Aug 10 2010 says:


A nice reference.

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Chompster Aug 11 2010 replied:

hahah look closely at nosm0ke's avatar ;P

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Just trying it on ;P

Jul 27th, 2010
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