Warhammer 40k mod for Alien Swarm. You play as one of four members in a Space Marine squad and you're sent to a Tyranid infected planet to investigate

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Anywhere [OLD] Weapons and/or Prop Modeller at Point De Fusion

weapons and/or prop modeller point de fusion anywhere artists omnibus is a warhammer 40,000 modification to valve's free game alien swarm. we're currently in need of more 3d modellers to make weapons and props. what we need from you is to: *have knowledge of 3d modelling *be able to deliver models of certain quality *know the basics of baking and making high poly 3d models. *how to unwrap uvw and create textures do not hesitate to contact us!

Anywhere [OLD] Programmer/Coder for Source - Omnibus at Point De Fusion

programmer/coder for source - omnibus point de fusion anywhere programmers omnibus is a warhammer 40k modification to the new game, alien swarm by valve. the mod used to be for left 4 dead but we changed it as soon as we heard about alien swarm. it fits better and hopefully it's more mod-able than l4d. the omnibus team have, as for now, two modellers , one mapper and one composer. we need a programmer/coder who can help us with all coding and/or programming (obviously). *it's no requierment but it would be great if you have experience with the source engine. *we do not pay you for your work nor do we ask you to dedicate your life to this project (neither do we) do you have what it takes and want to be a part of our team? do not hesitate! contact us now! nosm0ke & omnibus team

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