OldSkool Amp'd is a smart tool which allows you to play Unreal 1 in UT... as well, a lot of new features. Models/Skins: Has all player models from Unreal (except the nali, that's what the bonus pack is for) working. It also lets you use all the skins, plus some Real CTF skins. I also made talktextures, so the face will show up in the consule. It also features my "team-saving" code, which allows the user to tell which skins not to preserve for different team colors. SinglePlayer: I am not talking about the UnrealTournament SinglePlayer, with bots. I mean the SP from Unreal where you walk around, blowing up baddies :D. It features a scoreboard (hit F1) to view information on the map and your score (and kill specifics). The mod has a new menubar where you can start a new game menu, a save game, and a load game menu. The new game menu allows you to select a custom map or a map pack. Those making a map pack can make plugins (that go into the map pack menu). The save game...

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RTNP 4ut

RTNP 4ut

Aug 25, 2013 Models Pack proprietary licence (8.69mb) 1 comment

An other conversion of Return to na pali stuff with skins and other things for unreal tournament. It requires to make a mutator or use stuff swapper in...



Aug 25, 2013 Models Pack proprietary licence (7.04mb) 0 comments

An adaptation of some stuff from Unreal RTNP to Unreal tournament

Unreal I models Full UMOD

Unreal I models Full UMOD

Aug 12, 2013 Players Skin proprietary licence (11.32mb) 0 comments

This is just the Unreal I models (female1, female2, male1, male2, male3, and skaarj trooper), team skins created by Psychic_313, and RealCTF skins. This...

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