I have just finished a Custom Mod. It has been under construction for about 2 weeks now. I have just finished it and it's ready to play! In this AmnesiaMod you play as Olaf and your house may be haunted! This mod has got a lot of jump-scares and just usual scares, It's very scary! So i think you will scream real bad. It is well made, it is scary, it has a great story. So i think you should download this mod! For my frist mod it's pretty good, and it's quite unique because it's a great story and has a lot of jump-scares. I think you will enjoy it! Please leave a comment or private message and tell me what you think or if there is anything wrong and such!

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I loved it nicely done, cant wait for a part 2.


-Great atmosphere
-Some well placed scares
-Very clear what I'm supposed to be doing

-No real monsters
-No story
-Bad English ("Maby" is spelt maybe)
-Bad map design (I can see through walls sometimes-some walls are 2D)
-Sometimes very obvious a jumpscare is incoming

Work on:
-Making a story
-Adding REAL monsters
-Making a longer custom story
-Improve your English


Good things:
-Some alright jumps

Bad things:
-No story line
-No challenge
-Lack of creativity
-Texture glitches

There really isn't much to this mod except roaming around your haunted house searching for keys and escaping your mansion, so the mod was a bit boring. There's a bit of lack in creativity, though there is some potential in you.

4/10 Meh...

I loved Supscares i want no runing all the time and man Please Make a Part 2 Becouse i Loved Tell me if your done whit part 2 Ok ByeBye o yea and make 1 or 2 runing times at runing times i mean i have to run from the monester and everything else make JUPMSCARES ok Now Byebye!!!


Humeba says

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Real good mod. It had a few texture glitches but overall was pretty scary.

The only thing in this game is just jumpscares and almost nothing else!


Had a pretty good story to it, but a lot of things that happened felt really random and unnecessary, even for a jump-scare mod.


pewdiepie played this custom story and im going to play it LIKE A BOSS!!


lilman says

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Its was a good mod


nice custom story but could have had a bigger story tho overall 8/10

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