Offshore offers a multi-level side story of Gordon Freeman while en-route to City 17 via Highway 17 in the Scout Car.

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I discovered this only just now... Its length is pretty long. Like the longest HL2 mod I've ever played, apart from Black Mesa (evidently). Level design is well thought out, following a certain theme that is constant throughout the entire mod. Get ready for some high octane action because Offshore is chock-full of it. You will be fighting more Combine soldiers then in all other mods combined (a rough estimate, but you get the idea). There's only one thing that bothered me. In a walk-through I read the only moment I could get my hands on a rocket launcher was at the start of chapter 5. I somehow missed that and played the remainder up until chapter 7 without one. I wondered why there were so many rockets lying around and never a rocket launcher. Then I came upon a battle where one is absolutely necessary to destroy a gunship and progress. Seems like an oversight not to the give the player one at this point. So I had to spawn one with a cheat. That's basically the only negative thing I have to say about Offshore, because it flat-out rocks !!

This was a fantastic mod. I was able to play this easily in Garry's Mod, which is a big relief. More mods of this sort need to be made where there are as few custom content as possible. What the creator has made here is mostly if not completely with regular HL2 assets, and he's constructed a fun, lengthy romp through differing locales.

Really hoping that one day the creator releases another mod like this one, although I think he might have moved on. If that's so, oh well. He's left behind something I can call fun and even a little remarkable.

very long and well-balanced mod based on a "what if" story... In the end, a very cool challenge with some good fights.


Смысл мода - бегать то туда, то сюда. И порой скучно...

It is very long and rather detailed, however, there are long stretches of the mod that seem to go on forever :/

But I did enjoy the level design and many of the fights were fun, leaving much of the environment in pieces, not to mention driving the buggy around never gets old :D


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