You are in your house and suddently you get kidnapped by mysterious monsters. You must survive and escape from the prisons of the castle. This is my first (and maybe the last) mod for Amnesia - The Dark Descent. I hope you enjoy it, and please report any bugs you find!

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It's simple - jumpscares, chase... Nothing to expect. Hardly possible to get away from the "red organic stuff" while stuck and it reaches me, it can't kill me, just keeps splashing and I can't see anything.


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Very good custom story. I didn't care for the flying naked guys but overall it was excellent. I loved the ending!


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Honestly one of the best custom stories i have played to date!! It flowed nicely and didn't lag at all which is a big plus when playing a custom story in order to full get into the game! Plus there were little features which i liked for example the changing scares in one of the areas was very nice and something you don't come across too often so well done there!!

My only bad point was the water section which i found rather difficult as i couldn't get the ladder through the door without the monster getting me as i couldn't postion it right and run fast enough! - perhaps making this slightly easier would be better and would have definitely got you a 10!!

Other than that though i really enjoyed playing it, gave me a few scares along the way and certainly deserves a higher rating than 6.2!!

you cant even see when you get the note that you will die!! :o


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