Nostalgia is another Cry Of Fear Custom Campaign brought to you by ZikShadow that differs environment from CoF yet again... Simon, after the whole book catastrophe, is sitting alone in a house, it's actually one of his friends house, because he fears that the press would be looking for him after the 2 police murder case, looking at his friends games, he recalls precious moments when he plays those games, and finally, after replayed those games, he decide to write it on his book... I'm guessing, you know what happens next...

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Pretty fun, simple and worth looking at!

Has some nice custom weapon and NPC skins to fit the level nicely and the mapping is nicely done.

Out of all of those custom campaigns for cry of fear, this one takes the cake. Firstly there's almost no horror in this, mostly only fun and like the mod is called "nostalgia". I love the models and level designs, also good amount of save points as there are some hard parts but it's be easy for the most part. If you see this Zik congratulations on you're campaigns what I think are the best campaigns of cry of fear.

P.S I went through this campaign on hard, also where is the secret level XD

A bit simple, but still fun and humorous enough.

Very good job))
I like it))
Очень хорошая работа))
Мне нравится))
Можно считать, что это просто "смесь" игр, в которые "мы играли в детстве", ну и "отсылки" канечн еще присутствуют, которые еще не сильно "запылились"...
В общем одобряю))

Allah Ackbar.

All I have to say.



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