I know now that there is no hope, no escape from this madness. The only good left in this world was taken away, trapped in the mansion with unimaginable horrors...

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A very well made custom story. The map flows nicely and the atmosphere is great! Scares are not "cheap" and are exciting. Only problem is that I had beaten it before I wanted to stop playing!


Very good short story just right I will play it more then once.


dark, scary and had me panicking from the beginning, awesomely designed for a short story. :D

really good but could be a bit longer

-Great mapping, for the most part
-Storyline was good, but perhaps a little unfinished

-Very short

Story: ✔
Pretty touching, even little bit sad. A little bit unfinished, but otherwise good! 7/10

Mapping: ✔
Very basic Amnesia mapping. however, well done! Not anything special mapping seen, but you made really good looking areas. 7/10

Scare factor: ✔
I think this mod was not supposed to be "that" scary, but it surely frightened me up with the suitors in the end. 7/10

Puzzles: ⁓
A bit self-repeating, just to find different items to go through doors. 6/10

Atmosphere / Sounds: ✔
Atmosphere was awesome, like the music. Nothing too much to write here, well done! 8/10

Creativity: ✔
As I stated above about the basic amnesia mapping, I still liked the different style of level design and the storyline. 8/10

Final score 7.16-

7 - Good!



Short and good.

Story was good.. but not good enough to give 10/10. And the end.. mep.


Good things:
-Awesome jumpscares
-Great scripts
-Alright mapping (explained further on)

Bad things:
-Pretty short
-Some corridors could have been filled more and shortened
-Some things are not explained
-I didn't really like the ending.

I loved the mod, it had awesome scares and great script sequences though it's quite short, a few things are not explained and the ending seemed a little rushed. I thought there was going to be more after the mansion but sadly, it ended. The thing I liked the most though was that since only a bit of the story was missing, it let your mind fill in the blanks. As for the mapping, it was pretty well done but some of the corridors in the dungeon were a bit long and empty but I liked the detail in the other rooms, more in the machine room and I quite liked the mod in general.

8/10 Great


- A lot of scary moments
- Creativity
- Good design


- Weak story
- Not much scripting
- A bit too short


It's a great CS with a lot of scary moments and good level design, but the story line is weak in my opinion. I have no clue why I was in prison to begin, the people in the notes and the protagonist was not developed at all and the ending wasn't satisfying.

In short: It was a great Amnesia experience, but with a weak plot.

8/10 - Very good

One of my favorite custom stories, great storyline, brought a tear to my eye.
Keep up the good work.

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Highest Rated (3 agree) 9/10

Very good short story just right I will play it more then once.

Mar 26 2012 by doom2299