This is my second Custom Story to Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It aims to high quality story and detailing, (with no jump scares. Hooray!) Stay tuned for more updates!

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Nice custom story, with a good story and atmosphere. The mapping can be confusing at times. But its a pretty good story.

Really enjoued this one, this is how custom stories should be done.

I finished in 40 minutes and looked how much effort you put on to it and there are none jumpscares which I enjoyed and really rich detailed maps.

Only, what bugs me is missing originality like puzzles or scares there are almost all the same and repeating ones.

But, however it's worth to play it. Good one man :)

I loved the story and there is sooo much detail... Enjoyed playing this.

Veryvery guuuud :)

Wasn't too hard to play, got lost once, but found it rather quickly after all.

Story was good, atmosphere good, I'm hoping for more chapters though!

Really good. Wouldn't quite say it blew me away, but it was certainly solid and enjoyable. Would recommend.

Awesome custom story. I really like that the story is fairly easy to follow. And I like that it doesn't have those flying naked guys and cheap jump scares.

this was sweet, where's ch 2?

did NOT steal from Humiliator, that ;poor loser!
If you rate my mod as what you really think, i will change this as well.
DONT do these things before you have seen or asked things yourself!
For this time check the credits YOURSELF first please.
PM me if you want to chat or talk.
Thank you.

Well done. I'm waiting for the continuation :)

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