Deus Ex : New Vision is an overhaul of the environment textures in Deus Ex.

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The first full release of the New Vision mod for Deus Ex!

Posted by DaveW on Aug 7th, 2011

It's been 4 years in the making, but Deus Ex : New Vision is finally seeing the light of day in it's full form. With around 75% of the world textures remastered at high definition, the project is finally complete - and is available to download right now!

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architectts Aug 7 2011, 10:53pm says:

Finally! A friend just sent me a copy too!

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NEWTOMODS71 Aug 9 2011, 10:09am replied:

Could some one help me out with the Deus Ex graphic mod here by Dave W, I am running Windows 7 (64 bit) duel HD ATI 5870's, I have the game which I purchased from steam. This improved graphic mod looks great, I downloaded it used win zip to extract the files, I tried one thing where I added to settings I did something right kind of, lol I got the game blinking had to re install did not know how to fix what I started. Anyway Please help a NOOB to Mods get this going as I am here to learn and be able to get more out of my games. If someone familiar with windows 7 can write down some step by directions and e mail me, I can provide my e-mail on request) or post on here it would be greatly appreciated, THANKS ALL for hopefully understanding a noobs mod troubles in the process of learning.

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formerlyknownasMrCP Aug 9 2011, 11:01am replied:

Did you follow the instructions in the readme?
Also you should watch this video if you're having trouble installing.

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NEWTOMODS71 Aug 9 2011, 7:05pm replied:

Yea I followed the instructions posted on here, did not work I think there might be some steam compatibly issues with the graphic upgrade. I tried a simpler version I found on file planet and even when I am logged into steam, which I am prompted to do at even trying begin this mod, so I log and Deus Ex won't allow me to type anything in under the open GL menu or accept a copy and paste. I don't know, I am following these instructions I am a noob but these instructions are pretty simple and easy to follow and according to posts under the download other people have had great success with it, that's why I am thinking steam could be getting in the way of it probably works better on older systems and from a original disk install. I don't know please help? thanks

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Peppigno Aug 10 2011, 6:00am replied:

I'm playing New Vision on Steam. It's all right! No problems!


Remember: Steam path is

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Medevila Aug 7 2011, 11:16pm says:

Looks amazing, I know what I'm doing tomorrow.

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formerlyknownasMrCP Aug 8 2011, 1:01am says:

WOOT I'll let people know about it then.

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frosty-theaussie Aug 8 2011, 2:05am says:

Great news guys!

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keasbey Aug 8 2011, 2:33am says:

What about the other 25%? How is it complete? Just wondering.

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Flash112 Aug 8 2011, 3:00am replied:

the other 25% were awesome enough :D

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DaveW Author
DaveW Aug 8 2011, 3:31am replied:

The other 25% isn't being redone, I don't have the time. The 75% are the vast majority of textures, the rest are generally minor detail elements.

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myxale Aug 10 2011, 5:20am replied:

Sorry to bother you with petty question, but the wannabe modder in me would like to know how you approached the rework of the textures!

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webname Aug 8 2011, 2:52am says:

Any torrents available for this, could not find any yet :),

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thatguyphilip Aug 8 2011, 3:02am replied:

you dont need a torrent for this, the download speed from filefront is pretty strong.

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webname Aug 9 2011, 12:14am replied:

Love forums etc , always get useless responses :)
Perhaps not all of us have blazing fast download speeds ? , torrents do crc
checks on file chunks so im assured of not wasting expensive bandwidth re downloading the whole darn thing.

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formerlyknownasMrCP Aug 9 2011, 8:46am replied:

A torrent has been added

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formerlyknownasMrCP Aug 8 2011, 3:50am says:

I'm working on getting another mirror setup from a popular gaming site. Will put some links up soon.

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myxale Aug 8 2011, 4:11am says:

Thank you for all the hard work!

This baby is sweet! DL-ing NOW°!

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Rayman51 Aug 8 2011, 5:54am says:

one word : AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and it wasn't a shame at all that the 25% left weren't done :) it's good enought like this :3

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neokeitaro Aug 8 2011, 6:14am says:

You, sir, are a God. Sometimes, it was hard to believe in you, but when you produce such a miracle, we can't help to praise you!

Now, if only the HDTP gods would be as kind... :D

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RetroXor Aug 8 2011, 7:48am says:

My applauses to you.

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demonknightx Aug 8 2011, 8:19am says:

Thank you for the mod. I was asking myself this game needed a HD remake. enough said. lol

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akirru Aug 8 2011, 8:25am says:

Thanks for the mod and great work :)

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Taquito Aug 8 2011, 9:17am says:

Whohoo! Finally! ^-^

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glottis8 Aug 8 2011, 11:13am says:

so is this all good to go? or there tweaks we need to wait for.. or issues that we should keep in mind?

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FastGamerr Aug 8 2011, 1:22pm says:


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Luke.Filewalker Aug 8 2011, 4:19pm says:

Thank you guys for enormous effort and amazing outcome!

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Wolf0x Aug 8 2011, 4:42pm says:

Awesome my next few days are planned :D

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santaniake2 Aug 8 2011, 6:05pm says:

Thank you,
and I shall disappear a few days...

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czpunk Aug 8 2011, 6:32pm says:

Guys pls help me ive got black screen

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DaveW Author
DaveW Aug 8 2011, 6:37pm replied:

Have you tried switching renderer? What are your system specs?

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formerlyknownasMrCP Aug 8 2011, 6:44pm replied:

Did you accidentally Alt-Tab? Try running the game in Window Mode.

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modlisk Aug 8 2011, 6:57pm says:

Better than king. GOD.

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bVork Aug 8 2011, 9:57pm says:

Awesome, but there are a few misaligned textures now. Are there any plans to fix stuff like this?

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DaveW Author
DaveW Aug 8 2011, 10:41pm replied:

The mod hasn't misaligned textures, they were always like that. They just show up now there's extra definition to the texture.

But yes, there are plans to correct the maps.

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Bady90 Aug 9 2011, 1:04am says:

Now what do we need is Project HDTP to get us some HD guns and NPC and we have a new game ( graphics ) or Revision to be completed .

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ThDoctor Aug 9 2011, 2:58am says:

hey im having a problem, ill freely admit im not the best at all this modding, but i followed the instructions carefully.. i have a steam version of the game and when i play it it appears as nothing as changed, can anybody help?

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formerlyknownasMrCP Aug 9 2011, 4:24am says:

New Mirror Available. Located in Australia.

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Onemaster Aug 9 2011, 5:35am says:

This is so great! :)

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TimeCrab Aug 9 2011, 8:17am says:

Excellent. Could we please have a torrent though? Unfortunately direct downloads always cut off eventually with my crappy connection :'(

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formerlyknownasMrCP Aug 9 2011, 8:44am replied:

Torrent can be downloaded from:

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Stec Aug 9 2011, 8:57am says:

I have never had the privilege of playing the game but I would like to do so with your mod. Does it matter where I download it to work with New Vision?

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lothar86 Aug 9 2011, 10:57am says:

Does not work on my computer. No file d3d10.dll :/

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formerlyknownasMrCP Aug 9 2011, 11:02am replied:

This means you don't have DirectX10, are you on XP? if you're on XP use the OpenGL renderer included in the .rar

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DaveW Author
DaveW Aug 9 2011, 11:45am replied:

Like Cyberpunk said - you need to install DirectX10 from Microsoft's website. Or you could be on XP in which case, you'd need to either use a DX10 hack or stick with OpenGL.

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FadeToBlack Aug 9 2011, 1:23pm says:

Ah damn!Can anyone help me with that?i'm having appcrash with "core.dll".Here is rest of the error.Sorry the pc's in Turkish.

Sorunlu Olay Adı: APPCRASH
Uygulama Adı: DeusEx.exe
Uygulama Sürümü:
Uygulama Zaman Damgası: 4e3853ce
Hata Modülü Adı: Core.dll
Hata Modülü Sürümü:
Hata Modülü Zaman Damgası: 393e6875
Özel Durum Kodu: c0000005
Özel Durum Uzaklığı: 0004ffdc
OS Sürümü: 6.1.7601.
Yerel Kimlik: 1055
Ek Bilgiler 1: 0a9e
Ek Bilgiler 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
Ek Bilgiler 3: 0a9e
Ek Bilgiler 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

I couldn't have even seen the menu of the game.

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masetheace64 Aug 9 2011, 1:51pm says:

I watched the how to video, used kinleys render and exe, updated direct ex and the C++, but every time i launch the game i get a black screen and command prompt tell me that deus ex is not responding...any help ? My grapchis card is a Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 SE. Thanks!

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masetheace64 Aug 9 2011, 1:55pm replied:

switched renders, works great now! i hope :P

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aykutkekec Aug 9 2011, 2:14pm says:

i have a problem with installing the mod. i just followed the steps on the video, but i dont have the deus ex file in my documents file. so i am stuck there, any ideas?

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formerlyknownasMrCP Aug 9 2011, 3:22pm replied:

If its not in MyDocuments it'll be in User\Documents\ on Vista and Windows 7.

If you're on XP and its not coming up, its probably due to the menu application not being installed correctly, try re installing it and running it again. If all else fails you can just edit the DeusEx.ini and add the Path\..\NVTextures.utx line to that .ini, it should work then. You can then switch renders within the game (there's a button for it in the options).

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aykutkekec Aug 9 2011, 5:37pm replied:

i did what you said, find the file somehow did the changes. but when i click the game icon. it doesnt show up the console. it just try to starts the game and fails giving MSCVR100.dll error some of people says its because of 64 bit but i dont know any idea on this :)

thanks a lot btw..

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