This mod cleans up the Strip by removing trash, repairing roads, buildings, and making the Strip a better place to be.

Almost a year ago, I pre - ordered Fallout: New Vegas in hopes that I would be purchasing the best game for years to come. When I set foot on the Strip that faithful night, I was uterly dissapointed. The roads... well, they had been butchered and ripped apart. The ground was bieng used a personal toilet, and the buildings didn't surprise me when I saw holes in the walls and stains on the ceilings. That is why the NVR Team is working very hard to bring you a Strip that we all expected.

Here is what we have done so far:

- Removed The Strip Open requirement.

- Adds the Grand Millenium casino to the Strip.

- Makes Sierra Madre On The Strip compatible with NVR.

- Adds a new North gate.

- Adds new messages to the loading screens.

- Adds a sturdy interior and exterior wall to the Strip in place of those old and busted scrap walls.

- Changes the Strip enterance in Freeside, so security and style will be present.

- Adds a new enterance to the south wall of the Strip.

- Removes the destroyed catwalk.

- Added a visable Las Vegas Welcome sign to the rear of the Strip.

- Fixes issues around the Strip

- Adds more plants to the dirt areas around The TOPS.

- Removes the trashy gates inside the Strip

- Removes trash, car hulks, repairs buildings and streets.

- Adds fix for the removed interior gates.

- Adds a paved area next to The TOPS.

- Makes the static doors on the left of The TOPS useable.

- Adds an entirely new sewer system under the Strip, accesable via the manhole covers.

- Many more changes around the Strip. See for yourself after you download!

Every area on the Strip has had attention, even the places that you don't see when you're walking by. Infact, if you enter the Strip, you will automaticly see a dfference right beneath your feet. The roads are no longer cracked and destroyed. With Version 10, this mod is so much more than just a "Cleanup" because so many new things are added as well.

Areas and buildings that have had attention:

- All of the roads (No more cracks, broken pavement, or piles of dirt)

- The Lucky 38

- Gomorrah

- The TOPS Casino

- LBV Station

- The Ultra Luxe

- Michael Angelos

- The Embassy

- The Strip as a whole.

All of these areas have been repaired. That includes:

- Broken walls

- Peeling wallpaper

- Broken roads

- Stains

- Loose papers and trash

The whole point of this on - going mod is to create a Strip that reminds us that there is still some good in the wasteland. By removing the trash, repairing the buildings, and adding more life to the Strip, our goal can be achieved. The NVR Team is working very hard to create the Strip we all want!

Who's in charge of this large scale renevations?

Falloutperson416 - Lead Developer, Project Director
GTA44 - Developer of NVSO, BETA Tester, Graphics Artist
GeeZee - Lead Developer of SMOTS, BETA Tester
GTech - Website Designer

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