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This is the New predator model for Grand theft Auto San Andreas we have the cloaking device still working on it ...... And 5 predator weapons we still looking for advance modders to finish the version 2.......
the island is almost done still looking for a person that are very good at 3ds max for modeling other things
The hound is done the mechanical falcon still for looking for it and we have lots of predator species with helm and without helm and replaces the thermal goggles to predator helm 5 predator helmets so far still working for the other predator helmets and some models but were looking to those who realy good at rigging.......

Thanks to the members who are helping this mod thank you all

Mod Creator and Other--BersekerXPredator
textures,Cleo files and Others--PredaThor
Predator Textures--KOLIA
BMN-Model Editor
Borman --creator Predator from AVP model
Enzor666 - -creator Predator Ship, AVP object pack , Statue of Predator
MoonerSk--Textures Mods Pics and Crossbow

====== Predator Species====
Berserker Predator
Tracker Predator
Falconer Predator
Stalker Predator
Armour Predator
Plain Predator

Lord Predator
Spartan Predator
Wolf Predator

Others Coming Soon!!
Enjoy the Version 1
New Mask from Avp Wolf Predator from AVP Spartan Helm and Cloaking effects

New Predator Crossbow 00? New Mask dont have real thermal


QUESTION: ==When the V1 is going to release===
(DEC. 23, 2012)
---- And what about the V2 ----------
(Q2 2013)

=== What Weapons in V1 and others===
(WristBlades,Alien Head and Combi Stick)
------And the V2--------
(Wristblades,AlienTail,CombiStick,CombiKnife,MediavalCrossBow and Predator Helm)

========In V2 are there new models and mask on it========

(Yes we have another skins from AVP 2010 the following New Species are)

.Spartan Predator, Wolf Predator,Celtic Predator,Lord Predator,Alien Mask Predator and the Future Stalker Predator

(Other Question)


Mod Deleted

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