The "New Horizons" mod for the 2003 Pirates of the Caribbean game by Akella is a continuation of the famous Build mod series. Developed as Pirates of the Caribbean Build 14, "New Horizons" continues where Build 13 left off, adding more new content than ever before.

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Really awesome!


Auzar says

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Everything is amazing! Only some bugs sometimes but they are constantly being ironed out if they are found! :D

AMAZING DEDICATION. This mod has been added to and updated since the release of the mod in 2013, that's over 2 years at this point! For an old but gold game like Sea Dogs II or 'Pirates of the Caribbean' that's something to be proud of and deserving of a 10/10


Atopol says

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Brilliant ressurection of one of the favorite childhood games. This is why I love modding community


Horrible outdated graphics - many characters nearly appear to be eight bit side-scroller platform entities. Extremely clunky ancient block and slash fighting system with no feint or parry system. Control of only four ships. Very limited ship selection. Many bugs and quest breaking bugs. Fake looking backdrops and water.


This has been a huge WIP for over a decade now. It is a beautiful mod that will turn a mediocre game into a game that you'll probably never see in any way, shape or form from any AAA dev. It adds multiple storylines, tons of new features, and many ways to further customize your play experience, especially if you know a bit about modding yourself. You can even contribute to the mod's progress by making an account on their website, they'll let anyone help who really wants to. It also upgrades the graphics to basically as much as the game's engine allows, and if you tune the settings right, you can get this to still run even on a pretty slow computer. This is a very unique experience and I encourage you to go get the Pirates of the Caribbean game from 2003 by Akella then put this mod right on top of it, because the best part of it is that once you have the game, this mod is completely free and you can download it all you want. This mod also improves all combat and trading from the base game by leaps and bounds along with all the random events systems. Now, go download this mod and see for yourself what you are missing!


vandreren says

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tavern wenches! pirates everywhere especially the book merchants!!!
a very disturbing gift from a certain priest that has now been properly cast into the sea and hopefully stays there is a funny addition.
very comprehensive environment and demands a lot of planning to stay afloat... Captn Sparrow would be honoured to roam these waters, just as crazy as himself.


This is a really nice game,I like it alot.I always dreamed to be a pirate in real life,and I'm completing it virtually through this game.This is a really nice game,Good job.


ajbaj says

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This mod is definitely proof of these guys' awesome skills.It's incredible what they did with an old outdayed limited engine. Expanded game systems, new toys to play with both on the sea and on foot, new storylines (which are pretty interesting)and so on. Definitely a must own if you have the game itself. This is what the game should have been when it was released!

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Really awesome!

Oct 15 2013 by TheGrouch