This custom story has been a massive project, and creating it has definitely been a learning experience. This mod contains more maps than any other custom story released so far (that I know of) and 3283 total lines of hps code. Total game time is estimated at a little over an hour, depending on how well the player does solving the puzzles. That said, I hope you enjoy my mod! PLEASE NOTE: This mod does require the Justine update.

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One of the better modders i've seen here i liked this but sadly it crashed after leading the dirty monster for the fourth time or so.


Clearly the best story so far.





StevenTasiopulos says

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The plot makes no sense.It was really bad.

Very creative puzzles although this mod was very experience based rather than puzzle solving.

Yes i was realy immersed and the atmosphere was really creepy.

|Level Design|:
Top notch for the time this mod was released.Nothing else to say really.

Yes really liked it.

|Scary Aspect|:
Oh hell yeah it was scary!And the water monster on land was a really good idea.

Because of the story it didn't make any sense.

It was really good with a lot of creativity put into some moments throughout the mod.

|Voice Acting|:
Didn't have any so i won't count this in the review.

Was an hour long,had to take a break, come back and finish it.

Yes, it's short, and the plot makes almost no sense, but there were still some likable elements of this mod. It has many very good, creative sequences and puzzles which hold it up, and overall, it manages to be an enjoyable experience.

Story: 3/10
Scare factor: 6/10
Gameplay: 9/10

Overall rating: 6/10


Hard_Work_Kyou says

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This mod was actually a lot more than i expected,and the fact that you have to figure the plot yourself is just super intriguing,the atmosphere was great,but the levels lacked some level design at some points,but over all i loved it

So here is my opinion on the story:Everything that happens in the custom story,is our character trying to change its own being?or soul?and the monsters we encounter are our older selves?And the only way to is escape this never ending cycle is death.

Well i really dont know but i would love to find more,or even discover the full storyline!


Excellent custom story, my friend and I enjoyed it immensely. It does a great job of messing with your head, leaving you second-guessing things that have happened. It's complex, perhaps even too complex, but overall a uniquely disturbing Amnesia experience that delivered all that it promised. Well worth playing.

Very interesting and unique. Especially loved the door chase sequence and the puzzles. It is very short though and the story is not very clear.

Still, it's a pretty good mod overall


This mod have a very promising start, the atmosphere in the beggining its good.
The maps are excellent. And there are extremely well implemented ideas.
But, sadly, the story start to go down in the middle section, with a complete lack of atmosphere and its quite strange and it takes a while to understand what its really happening.
The scares are something that i missed here, there are good chase secuences but almost no good scares.
I think that atmosphere, sense of dread, and good amount of terror balanced with horror are what make a good custom story.
But, this one have an interesting ''thing'' that makes you play it 'till the end, also, this mod uses the original TDD resources and shows some examples of good coding.

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Clearly the best story so far.

Sep 30 2011 by JMFStorm