Follow Stephano on an amazing adventure to find his brother (the silzer stephano) you have herd that alexander's spirit has captured him find him NOW!!

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Just freaking this piece of ****.. Extremely bad level design, insanely cheap scares and all! Its really shame for ATDD, mostly for AAMFP!!


As much as I love your clipping textures, nonexistant notes, barrels being stuck in the wall, and whatever that closet thing was at the beginning of the game, I've got **** to do!


please try scripting, even if they are extremely basic scripts

it's not too hard to do basic scripts
try using particle effects, colorful lights, and add a STORY lol

Literally pointless. Not scary, not a SINGLE scripted event( everything loads when the map does, including monsters) glitches everywhere, bare minimum level design that still sucks, and a stupid story but since its about pewdiepie i guess i should not have expected anything different.


I tried it and it is as wrong as the others say. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Everything is wrong. No offense but how long did it take to make this? 1 hour or even less? There are so many clipping textures, holes in the walls and bugs!
The creator obviously cannot script because all monsters spawn immediately when the map loads. There are custom entities but they would not appear if I didnt have other mods installed (lcd monitor, obscurity demon etc.). You use custom entities but you did not include them in the download!

Uhhhh... No wonder so low rating. My advice: When making something spend some time on it, check tutorials, learn scripting, and if you dare using custom entities made by other creators, you should either include the entities in the download and give proper credits to the original authors for gods sake!!!!!!

No hate against Pewdiepie but these mods give him bad name. Do not recommend playing this.

No need to explain why I gave only 1/10. Play this >>custom story>> yourself and see.


nowac2645 says

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Good things:
-You can edit models

Bad things:
-Horrible level design
-No story
-Doors are stuck and not even connected to the door frames
-No creativity at all
-Pretty much no scripting
-Based off of a youtuber
-No puzzles
-A bunch of glitches
-You actually have to be careful not to fall off the map
-No credits + Bad ending

This was a very bad custom story. This is even based off of a youtuber.
Youtuber-based mods pretty much always get low ratings. The level design was just terrible. The outside area was probably the worst of all maps. None of the walls are connected. When I enter a house in the outside area, I spawn in a tiny room with no ceiling with a table in the middle of the room. Ending. No credits. This cs was just terrible and boring in general.

1/10 Unbearable

Absolutely godawfully horrendous in every way. Surely, you are aware that PukiePie fakes his reactions? Even a clown like him wouldn't be able to overact his way into appearing scared by these staged settings and random monster sounds. And you made two other mods exactly as bad as this? I am guessing this mod is in fact a depiction of Pukie's rectum, so a more proper name for it would be "Stephano & Lemmiwinks".

I Like This Map I Dont Know Why Everyone Hates It?!


Sorry but this story is poor. The level design has many clipping textures, many glitches and no atmosphere. Your scripting skills are, well I don't know how your scripting skills are because there isn't any scripting in this story. Almost every map is too short and completely pointless. There are no puzzles at all and there is always a grunt or a brute in a level when it starts. In the woods ther's a house, when you go inside you're trapped and nothing happens anymore. Why? Is this the end of this story? For the next time: Practise!

PS: Why there aren't ceilings in the levels?

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