THE MYSTERY COMBAT CREW IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER! MORE ACTION AND EVEN MORE BRUTAL CARNAGE THAT MYSTERY COMBAT MAN HAS BEEN KNOWN FOR!!!! Temporary download link for second demo http://www . gamefront . com/files/21147380/mysterycombatman2_7z

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An absolute masterpiece of modding. The work on this is stunning with amazing graphics, storytelling and level design. This is the official example of half-life 2 modding. All future mods should try to live up to the standards of this, but the problem is... If they even tried to then the development teams would commit suicide as they would realise it is truly impossible to create a mod even close to as beautiful as Mystery Combat Man 2: Electric Boogaloo. This mod deserves over 10,000 mod of the year awards. Plus it should go retail at the price of $99.99
My god it would be a first day buy for me.

Because vacuums

Mod of the millenium right here. Screw other mods, screw big companies and their fancy games. This is the real ****. Even the gods envy this amazing work of art.


FreeKill556 says

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Indeed, great epicness is ahead.

TeHaVoK off.

This is as bad as i thought never ever anybody would be capable of... Still addictive and funny as hell!


callmeSven says

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This mod is beyond stunning.

This is definite MOTY material

An absolute masterpiece of game-making. The Blade Runner of videogames. The world will take years to fully understand the deep philosophical meaning of this work of art. A piece of interactive entertainment that touches and questions our moral principles, and presents us with questions that will change who we are in the Universe. Who are we? Are we human? What it is to be human?

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