MTS - Mech Tactical Simulation is a BF2 total conversion mod, set to recreate the Battletech universe! Fight on foot, as a regular soldier or in advanced Battle Armor, and control Mechs, Tanks, Helis, Fighters, and even massive Dropships in an all-out, 31st century war for domination and survival! This mod will give equal importance to all forms of combat, not just mechs, and will strive to be more realistic than regular sci-fi stuff is. We will base our maps on actual earth topography, from satellite imagery and Digital Elevation Models. All vehicles will perform according to the physics possible within the BF2 engine, and will be balanced, so we don't have "game-breaking" units. --------------- CLOSED OCT 2005 ---------------------

BMP closed, Acetylene Games opened

Jan 28, 2007 0 comments

Hey guys, Unfortunately, i have some bad news. As you may or or may not have noticed, Battletech Mod Productions (hosts of the defunct MTS) is gone ...

MTS active again!

Feb 20, 2006 2 comments

After carefully reviewing the capabilities of the Doom 3 engine, and reviewing known information on ETQW, i have decided to re-activate the MTS project...

MTS Closed!

Oct 13, 2005 0 comments

Hey everybody, After much thought, and a long hard look at the project, the future, and our personal lives, me and Coralon have decided to close down...

Updating again!

Oct 6, 2005 0 comments

Well, since there's been a lot of activity over here, as MTS fans haven't realized we had stopped supporting ModDB awhile ago, we are now resuming...

MTS out of ModDB

Jun 17, 2005 0 comments

Due to irreversible differences, Battletech Mod Productions is pulling both our projects - TCS and MTS - out of the ModDB listing. There's no point...

PC Gamer US article!

Apr 27, 2005 3 comments

After PC Gamer UK in February, now MTS - Mech Tactical Simulation, the Battlefield 2 total conversion mod based on the Battletech universe, is featured...

Interview @ NZBF2

Apr 24, 2005 0 comments

Hey guys, there's a new interview about Mech Tactical Simulation, our Battlefield 2 total conversion mod. I sat down with our friends from NZBF2...

MTS update

Apr 22, 2005 0 comments

A long overdue update, here's what i posted at the Mech Tactical Simulation website, our Battlefield 2 total conversion mod: Just a quick update...

Interview at

Mar 13, 2005 0 comments

I recently did an interview for Battlefield 2 Finland regarding Mech Tactical Simulation, our Battlefield 2 total conversion mod. Check it out here, it's...

MTS in PC Gamer UK

Feb 22, 2005 3 comments

MTS - Mech Tactical Simulation, the Battlefield 2 total conversion mod based on the Battletech universe, is featured in PC Gamer UK magazine, issue #146...

MTS interview at NZBF2

Feb 14, 2005 0 comments

I recently took the time to do a little interview for, the New Zealand BF2 community. I talk about a lot of stuff, and the interview also has...

January Newsletter released!

Jan 26, 2005 0 comments

Greetings from the MTS Team, We have just released this month's Newsletter, our first! Starting now, the MTS Newsletter will be your inside source...

Timber Wolf Prime mech

Jan 7, 2005 1 comment

Today the MTS - Mech Tactical Simulation mod has on show the skinned Timber Wolf Prime Battlemech. Belonging to the Clan faction, this 75 ton machine...

New Member and Art

Jan 4, 2005 6 comments

New member flyingdebris joins our Battlefield 2 mod, MTS - Mech Tactical Simulation, having successfully completed his trial period. Here's some...

MTS Soundtrack Release

Dec 22, 2004 0 comments

Greetings, This is Richard "DarkspARCS" Nelson, Lead Sound Engineer for the participating ModDB total conversion "Mech Tactical Simulation&quot...

Intro Soundtrack released

Dec 22, 2004 1 comment

Some new stuff over at Mech Tactical Simulation, the Battletech total conversion mod for the upcoming Battlefield 2. We have released the first music...

Interview at

Dec 14, 2004 0 comments

Total BF2 have posted an interview with me about Mech Tactical Simulation. There's a lot of information regarding MTS, as well as four exclusive...

MTS Launch Website

Dec 2, 2004 7 comments

The MTS - Mech Tactical Simulation team is thrilled to officially announce the making of a total conversion mod for the upcoming Battlefield 2 first person...

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