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Sep 20 2012, 7:08pm Anchor

As for the beginning, if You have any suggestions, any ideas for skins to make, this is the right place to post them. We will check every idea.
As for this moment I will write only in my case that I prefer to make skins mostly for Allied nations. If I need to, I will of course make some for Germans and other axis nations.
This is about me, asureka has to add his word on this personally.
So, that's it. What do we have in workshop?

Sep 21 2012, 3:09am Anchor

I prefer German and any nation captred vehicles skins. I like them because I know the texture layout of these vehicles w\very well. But already collected a huge data for allied vehicles.

Sep 21 2012, 7:20pm Anchor

I think the game could use some new skins for Commonwealth tanks like the Cromwell and Crusader! At the moment I think there are only a standard green and winter skin for most Commonwealth tanks.


nothing specific.  would be nice to see some desert camo perhaps?

sorry about the long link!

Sep 21 2012, 7:30pm Anchor

Cromwell - I have plans for it as I just get a nice set of graphics with different camo variants and paintings to base textures on it. Any particular wishes?

Sep 21 2012, 8:10pm Anchor

nothing specific. would be nice to see some desert camo perhaps?


nothing specific.  would be nice to see some desert camo perhaps?

sorry about the long link!

Sep 22 2012, 7:06am Anchor

I will make some african skins for Crusader as I will make them for my mod, but I don't know when they will be released ;)

Cromwell Skins just added. Only 3, but this tank didn't have so many variants to make skins.

Sep 23 2012, 4:39pm Anchor

Maybe some Stug III Skins?
Would be lovely.

Sep 23 2012, 4:55pm Anchor

I will look what I can do with stugs :)

Oct 6 2012, 6:41am Anchor

How about some M2 or M3 Halftrack skins? Maybe Lend-Lease :)

Oct 6 2012, 8:42am Anchor

If You have any particular examples of skins it would be helpful as there were not so many variants of markings used on halftrucks. When I will work on my desert skins I will make some other skins too.

Oct 6 2012, 10:39am Anchor

To work on StuG's I need their skin files. If anybody can send me them, then i could start work. the same for M2/3 halftrack

Oct 6 2012, 4:25pm Anchor

@ If you say me where I can find them I send them to you.
@ Windmaker

Nothin special at all just the rec russian star thats it :)


Oct 6 2012, 4:50pm Anchor

I will do something. I have just put Half Truck on my workshop as with such vehicles I'm trying to increase quality of texture and it's size - usually to 1024x1024 or higher depending on original file.

For example like here:

Willys Jeep - new texture

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