NOTE: MORBID MAPS ARE FOUR (4) TIMES LARGER THAN NORMAL HLDM MAPS (using scaled down models and micro mapping) Morbid Inclination is a multiplayer only Modification that pits four teams (Humans, Monsters, Aliens and Robots) each with their own special abilities, against each other in a scenario similar to Capture The Flag. The name of this game mode is Scavenger. Scavenger: The main difference between Scavenger and normal CTF games, aside from the four teams instead of two, is that in Scavenger there is a "Flag" or as we call it, Item, for every player. Each team's goal is to ultimately capture every item in the level and take them to their Vault, which is the capture room inside their base. When the game starts, all of the items spawn into a central area of the map called the Stock Pile. As mentioned above, players must capture the items in the Stockpile in order to win the round. Each player can only capture one item at a time so multiple visits to the Stockpile are required...

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