As a student at Moonvalley Academy, you are sent to Riverside to help document the coming total solar eclipse. On your way you'll meet zombies, talking animals and of course... no rpg would be complete without rats. What really happened during the last total solar eclipse, and is history doomed to repeat itself? To answer to these questions, you must venture deep inside the caves beneath Riverside, and face the horrors of the past. The main story are divided into four chapters, chapter one is almost complete and chapter two is on the way. Moonvalley is build using PlatinumArts Sandbox (PAS), but it's a separate game that does not require PAS to be installed. So far the game is a one-person project, but I would not have been able to do it without the help of Hirato and everyone else at the PAS forum. If you want a fully functioning game, I suggest you at least wait until a beta arrives, the alpha-releases are playable but most likely unstable.

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Updated: main quest new side-quests Random loot Todo: Health/mana-potions Character animations/diversity Cutscenes More sidequests? ? I hit a roadblock creating potions for the game, so I will put this project on hold for a while. For now, the game is playable, but still need a lot of work. When I have potions and weapons ready I'll release a final Alpha and hopefully then a "real" release. I you have any ideas on how to implement health-potions or how to include the original cube2 weapons in PlatinumArts Sandbox, I would love to hear from you.

Moonvalley Alpha3
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